Call of the Wild

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We shot our February tween issue not in the African savannah but in the …

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It’s a jungle out there in Fall ’13 tween fashion.

We shot our February tween issue not in the African savannah but in the urban jungle of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Photographer Katrina Tang set up a denim background, while models donned leopard and floral print jeans, animal graphic tees and funky headgear like cat headbands and wire-framed bunny ears crafted by prop stylist, Alexandra Egan. While the denim is still skinny, tops ranged from shrunken to billowing to off-the-shoulder. Everything is stretchy, comfortable and fashionable, made for an on-the-go lifestyle. This hard-to-pin-down segment is gaining steam fast—their market power clear on the floors of January’s ENK Children’s Club show.

As a counterpoint to casual, in “Twinkle Twinkle” we spoke to Executive Vice President of Swarovski Professional, Reinhard Mackinger, to see what makes the party scene sparkle. The tween market, for all of its Bat Mitzvahs and birthday parties, is key in the business of all that glitters. We also checked on the vintage inspired market, namely sitting down with Bonnie Matthews, the designer behind the growing brand Blu Pony Vintage, about selling Americana both in and out of the States.

Speaking of going global, in “Oh, Canada” we get the scoop on our Canadian neighbors whose brands are making waves in the American market, for their boutique European designs coupled with competitive pricing. Pricing is a big driver of sales in the U.S. market, and with increased use of smartphones and tablets in the shopping continuum, apps that can find the best price, product reviews and more information is changing the way retailers do business. In “Keep it Moving” we delve into the mobile shopping phenomenon and give tips on how retailers can position themselves for the swell of tablet and smartphone shoppers on the horizon. Several points that come up time and time again for brick and mortars is to know your advantage, keep your product unique and deliver an experience. We feature a retailer taking heed to such advice, Hiho Batik in Brooklyn, NY, who has built a DIY crafting area into its store, broadening customer awareness and underscoring its brand.

With the increased competition and globalization afoot, it’s time to make sure you know your unique place in the market and ensure your brand identity and point of difference shines through in each aspect of everything you do.

Enjoy the issue!

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