About the Earnie Awards

For nearly 50 years, Earnshaw’s has recognized outstanding children’s fashion and juvenile product companies for excellence in design and retail.  Hundreds of brands and retailers are nominated each year, but ultimately only four brands per category make the final ballot. Earnie Award winners are announced around mid-fall and featured in the November/December issue.

New to the Earnies? We’ve answered some common questions you may be wondering: 

How do I get nominated? Promote, promote, promote! Get your name out there through email marketing, social media, online ads, word of mouth, messenger pigeons…The more you convince our community you deserve the title in a certain category, the more likely you’ll be top of mind when nominations begin in September.

How do I win? Once the nomination period closes, a final ballot is created online. (If you make the final ballot, congratulations! That’s a huge achievement in itself.) Once the ballot is live, make sure to let everyone know to head over to EarnieAwards.com and vote for you! The candidate with the most votes in its category wins the title.

How many votes are cast each year? We receive thousands of votes, which are calculated automatically by a third party.  The final ballot is designed, edited and made live within 48 hours of closing the nomination period.

What is the prize for winning? Due to the coronavirus, we will not be able to hold any banquets, fashion shows or in-person celebrations this year. Alternatively, winners will receive coverage in the November/December issue and a very special online opportunity that will be announced in October. Stay tuned!

How can I thank the industry for nominating/voting for me? Each year we create nominee/winner packages you can purchase to thank the industry for their support over the past year. You can get more details on this year’s sponsorship opportunities by emailing Noelle.Heffernan@9Threads.com. You can also drop Noelle a line with any other questions you have about the Earnie Awards.