Total Nerds

Zaikamoya T-shirt, Molo star print leggings, Ragtales stuffed bunny rabbit toy.

Ba Ba Bling Baby graphic T-shirt, Little Me sweatpants, model's own shoes, stylist's own headphones.

Frankie & Ava polka dot blouse, Zaikamoya dress, Land of Nod wooden blocks, model's own shoes.

Ruum knit hat, Orli striped T- shirt and sweatpants worn under KicKee Pants zip-up sweatshirt, model’s own shoes.

Blu Pony vintage dress worn over Kissy Kissy coverall, Stinky McGee neck tie, Retro Range wooden abacus, model's own shoes and bow.

KicKee Pants printed collared shirt worn over Molo polo shirt. Frenchie Mini Couture shorts, stylist's own hat and bag.

Blu Pony Vintage button-down bodysuit, Stinky McGee bow tie, Little Giraffe jeans, Baby Essentials printed socks.

Little Me collared bodysuit worn under Ba Ba Bling Baby graphic T- shirt, Tadpole and Lily suspenders, Kapital K shorts, stylist's own shoes and glasses.

Geek Out with Spring's array of suspenders, bow ties and prim-and-proper dresses for the tiniest of tots.

Photography by Trevett McCandliss, Styling by Tara Anne Dalbow, Hair and Makeup by Rita Madison.

Kissy Kissy cardigan, Fanny Belette dress and crochet slippers, Little Giraffe socks, Frenchie Mini Couture glasses.

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