A Company That’s All Heart

In Hebrew, “lev” means heart, and that’s just what owner Liat Levy pours into her bamboo-based collections.

Lev Baby owner Liat Levy

Lev Baby owner Liat Levy

There’s nothing like a fifth baby to get one thinking about how to create super soft clothing for little ones—especially if you’ve already got a degree in fashion merchandising and design and extra time during a global pandemic. Liat Levy put her expertise to the test and launched Lev Baby in March 2021.

Although the ten-person company is less than two years old, Lev Baby has already found its way into the hearts of many retailers and consumers around the country. Levy discusses her trajectory into children’s wear, how she gives back to those in need and what buyers can expect to see for the upcoming season of Spring 2023.

ER: What is your design background?

Liat Levy: I studied at the Fashion Institute in NYC and got experience working at Fashion Week, in licensing and in showrooms. I completed my degree at Drexel University. After graduation, I managed and opened designer retailers in South Florida for many years.

ER: Why did you choose bamboo as the fabric for Lev Baby?

Levy: Bamboo has so many incredible qualities to it. It’s sustainable, which is so important in our world today. It’s breathable, wicks away moisture and is temperature regulating, to name a few of its best traits. But most of all, bamboo is super soft and snuggly—it makes you want to snuggle your little loves just a little longer!

ER: What’s most important to you when designing a collection?

Levy: I always strive to find prints that will touch everyone along with prints that go out-of-the- box a bit. I love uniqueness, something no one has seen or ventured to do before, in either the concept or the actual design. Lev Baby wants to make memories with our customers and each design has this in mind.

ER: What’s the inspiration behind all of those great prints you use?

Levy: My kids are my biggest inspiration! There is nothing better than getting advice on prints from kids, since they will be wearing them. Being a mom, I am immersed in the world of kids and therefore, constantly being inspired.

ER: What do you love most about designing?

Levy: Design is therapy for me. Seeing my vision come to life, first onto paper, then onto fabric and finally on babies is so rewarding.

ER: What’s most challenging about being a children’s apparel designer?

Levy: There is so much competition! But, competition is healthy and keeps me motivated to do more, push my limits, inspire more moms,  and create more memories.

ER: What can buyers expect from the Spring 2023 collection?

Levy: Spring ’23 is super exciting with bright colors and some classics with a twist. Our collections will include family matching pajamas, a fun collection for golf lovers, and lots of spring florals and sweet bunnies for Easter.

ER: What advice do you have for new designers getting into this market?

Levy: Be yourself and follow your own path. Each business is unique and has its own direction and path to take. Be inspired and inspire others. Have a bigger mission than just making clothes.

ER: What are you most grateful for?

Levy: I am most grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me. Lev Baby has been able to inspire others and put a smile on so many faces around the world. We have a partnership with a Miami children’s hospital where we donate blankets to children with long-term stays. Knowing these children have one extra smile to brighten their heart gives us motivation to grow.


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