New Year, New Goals

We ask the question: What does the rest of the industry hope to accomplish in 2017?

2017-sliderOut with the old and in with the new. Even with the presidential election to the side, 2016 will still go down as a year packed with newsworthy events. David Bowie, Prince and Nancy Reagan all passed away. ISIS continued its terror. North Korea provoked us with a rocket launch. And then there was Brexit. It all conspired to exhaust us. On social media, hilarious memes began popping up like, “Me at the beginning of 2016,” one illustrated by a young, fresh-faced Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic versus,“Me at the end of 2016,”illustrated by the ravaged, bedraggled actor in The Revenant. The childrenswear industry had its share of ups-and-downs, too. Shipping costs, declining sales, adverse effects of the weather were just some of the issues. No one said business was a breeze. Abraham Lincoln may have once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other,” but we couldn’t help but wonder: What does the rest of the industry hope to accomplish in 2017?

Be present. Dream Big. Enjoy life.  Spread the love.

–Jimena Belén Leyría, owner and designer of Little Italy Kids

“These days, things change constantly, not annually, and there are too many moving parts so I just go with the flow, shift gears and move on.” 

–Lynn Meyer, owner of Lynn Meyer & Tiny Ginger Showroom

“Spend more time talking with my customers on the phone. Schedule more time for me on my calendar, exercise, learn a new skill and block time to read more about my industry.”

–Evan Hakalir, partner and co-founder of Andy & Evan Industries

“At Masala Baby, each stitch tells a story. We’re working to grow and strengthen relationships with sourcing groups that support women and their craft in India and, in turn, develop inspiring stories and collections.”

–Dipali Patwa, chief executive officer and founder of Masala Baby + Kids

“Stay on goal and streamline our processes.”

–Beth Dioli, chief executive officer of Cheski Sock Company

“As we move into the second decade of business, our resolution is to expand our commitment to personalized service despite being an online store.”

–Deanna Stewart, owner of Everything But the Princess

“What comes to mind is unplugging a bit more in the New Year and trying to create no-technology hours in our home to create more balance.

–Jennifer Romis, children’s buyer at Ron Robinson and Fred Segal

“Instead of resolutions, I create a yearly theme. ‘The Next Big Step’ is what we are calling our corporate initiatives such as revenue growth, performance improvement and creating a distinct marketplace advantage.”

–Michael M. Langfitt, chief operating officer of Trimfoot Co.

“My goal for 2017 is to organize time for social media, website content and promotions online.”

–Jamara Ghalayini, owner of Pumpkinheads

“Despite how busy things get in the office, I need to make more time to ensure that our team (including our sales reps) feels validated and appreciated for all their hard work and effort.”

–Evan Hershenson, chief executive officer of Frenchie Mini Couture

“Be in the moment, and turn off! Oy, this is the hardest for me. My whole family would be so happy to see me shut my devices off at night. Dear family, I will try!” 

–Anna Wallack, founder and creative director of Misha & Puff

“As a small business, I have a long list of resolutions. At the top of my list is to partner with complementary brands to create cross-promotions for our retailers.”

–Carol Lavinthal, owner of HugGaluGs

“To live a more organic life.”

–Jill Griffith, owner of Cultivated Kids Showroom

To listen better and take control of my inbox.

–Kim Perrin, director of sales and marketing at Angel Dear


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