Three Cheers for 10 Years

Thread Showroom celebrates a decade serving the children’s industry!

Thread Showroom, repping some of the best brands in the business, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Now with locations in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles, the firm  reaches buyers across the country offering brands like Babiators, Lucky Jade, C&C California, Chaser, Prefresh, Rails and Sunuva. Earnshaw’s sat down with owner Terra Vargas to discuss partnerships, sales and the state of the baby biz.

What inspired the launch of Thread Showroom? When was it officially established? 

Upon launching and managing a regional women’s trade show in the Southeast, I was inspired by the energy of a multiline showroom. The balance between managing the client and retailer and the creative synergy within marketing and sales prompted me to start Thread Showroom. It was established in June 2006, and the official incorporation date happily landed on my birthday, June 22!



How has the showroom evolved over the years? 

When we launched in 2006, we began as a contemporary women’s showroom and quickly evolved into the contemporary children’s segment. Our brand offering has consistently remained ahead of trends, and we’re excited to continue offering the best product as we mark our 10 year anniversary.

What was the inspiration for the name Thread Showroom? 

The day my paperwork was being filed, I took a walk through Central Park searching for inspiration. I wanted to conjure energy from a name that had fashion roots yet embraces the fiber of our everyday. And thus Thread came to mind, as it embodies the very lines of clothing as well as our daily world around us.

 Describe the showroom. What does it have to offer? 

We currently offer six brands in our mix from sunglasses and apparel to shoes providing a complete look for our customers. Our new showroom concept will be launching in all three of our locations across the country in 2017. Stay tuned for more (think: boutique-like shopping experience)!

Lucky Jade

Lucky Jade

What sets you apart from the competition? What makes your showroom unique?

I believe in walking the line between sales and partnerships. We have always made sure our retailers are confident in our product and because of that, they have found value and profitability in working with us over the years.

What are you doing to celebrate your 10th anniversary?

Our strategy over the past few seasons has been to narrow our assortment and integrate with brands on a more strategic level. Now in celebration of our 10th year, we are launching our new concept showrooms across the U.S. as well as releasing our new brand offering in January 2017.

What was the smartest decision you’ve made over the last 10 years? 

Entering the children’s segment was pivotal for my company and has taken us in a positive direction for business and also personal well-being. By that I mean that kids buyers and boutique owners are more family-oriented and friendly giving us an enriching, fun environment. As any business owners know, there are important decisions made almost daily but this year’s mission and outcome has been all about freedom and knowing we have the ability to choose direction and make our mark as a brand valuing our relationships and leading growth in the industry.



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