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Owl & Oak Moodies Help Children Express Big Feelings

Owl & Oak present The Moodies: Cuddly Storybook Friends that teach your Little how to positively express Big Feelings

We’re all feeling a little stressed out and overwhelmed these days. They may not be telling you about it, but don’t fool yourself – even little kids are feeling it, too. Everyone who has spent any time with children knows that little kids have Big Feelings – but only small words to describe them.

“When those words fail them, it triggers frustration and meltdowns,” says Owl & Oak founder, Anna Schwengle, and the game-changing social and emotional learning-conscious creator of the company’s innovative product, The Moodies. Schwengle, passionate about her work, says “These Social Emotional Learning Toys help families, teachers, and caregivers to foster children’s emotional development, teaching children about complex emotions with simple stories they can relate to.”

“Children learn through stories and questions,” she says.

The Owl & Oak website explains how it works: The Moodies are Cuddly Storybook Friends that teach your Little how to positively express Big Feelings. Then they give you questions to discuss with your Little. These questions help them own and personalize expressing Big Feelings. Your Little can tell you “I feel like Elliot,” instead of trying to describe being overwhelmed.

The company was sparked by Anna’s journey of deep reflection on her own past.

“Growing up as a young child with ADD in the 80’s was difficult. At that time nobody cared or talked about mental health in children, which left me with an overwhelmed mother, school bullies, dismissive teachers, and constant reminders of how I was just way too much!” When she turned 40, she says, she embarked on a “deep emotional pilgrimage in search of the answer as to why it felt like my childhood experiences were still in full control over my life.” She began to have conversations with family and friends about their childhoods, and how they were affected as adults. “I discovered that I was far from alone! The reality was, no matter who I spoke to it was the same story.”

“I thought about how different our childhood experiences would have been had society given our parents permission to ask for help,” she says. “How different it might have been for us if our parents had the tools to deal with their children’s as well as their own emotions, if we had normalized discussions about mental and emotional health, and celebrated parenting as a team effort rather than a competition.”

That was her inspiration. “I founded Owl & Oak – A place where we can generate conversations that scare us. Where we can actively seek to create more safe spaces where we’re free to talk about our children’s emotions and our parenting struggles – without shame.”

“To connect more deeply with ourselves and with our children.”

Children can use The Moodies with a caregiver or by themselves. Unlike books that go back on the shelf, The Moodies can be carried around in their own “It’s cool to be kind” bags. Kids can cuddle and take Frida along if she feels scared or take Tom if he is feeling lonely. This adds depth and empathy to The Moodies’ stories – and gives extra daily support to children who need it.

Owl & Oak is into giving back! That’s why they created the give-back program where they donate with each purchase to carefully selected charities close to home to ensure that your money goes directly towards making the biggest impact on the lives of the parents, children, and families who need it the most.

Samples are available to media, and the founder is available for media interviews.

Learn more about The Moodies at


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