Lost and Found

Find It Games expands character offerings for more scavenger fun.

Parent company Identity Games has launched its 2017 collection of Find It games, starting at $19.99. A scavenger hunt in a tall clear tube, Find It is a game of twisting, spinning, shaking or tapping the filled container to find hidden items among colored pellets. Best of all, the rules can be customized to follow alphabetical order, smallest to largest, fastest to slowest—you name it!

Last year, more than 120,000 games were sold to kids, parents, teachers and even therapists as a way to hone concentration skills. Continuing its success, the company has added some of the market’s hottest licenses for 2017 including Captain Underpants (now an animated summer blockbuster from DreamWorks), Where’s Waldo and Sesame Street.


Find It Where’s Waldo combo pack

While Captain Underpants and Where’s Waldo target the over-6-years-old audience, ages 3 and up can enjoy the Sesame Street Jr. edition featuring beloved characters like Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie in larger-than-usual pieces to make spotting a yellow rubber ducky a little easier.


Find It Sesame Street Jr. combo pack

Find the new game offerings online and on shelves at Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us and neighborhood specialty shops.





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