Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs will walk the earth once again this fall!

Dinosaurs will walk the earth once again this fall, or at least the children’s section of your favorite store. Look for these prehistoric reptiles to appear in books, games and in the form of plush toys and baby accessories. Riding on the Tyrannosaurus-size tail of the Jurassic World film, which hit theaters last month, kids will go nuts for all things dino—and so will parents, notes John Kell, senior reporter for Fortune magazine. “Nostalgia for old brands is a major reason that licensed properties can be hot sellers in the toy aisle today.” He explains, “Let’s say you were 14 when the original film was released in 1993. Today, you would be 36 years old—old enough to have children, and you might want to buy the toys for your kids to play with based on your love for the first few films.” But don’t worry, these dinos aren’t nearly as scary as the ones you remember. Look for bright colors, toothless smiles and, in some cases, funky socks to help make these Mesozoic-era critters nursery-room-ready.


1. Manny and Simon wood roller toy
2. The Land of Nod coin bank
3. Fiona Walker England dinosaur head wall décor
4. Haba sand glove


5. Haba lollipop mold
6. Seedling dinosaur action figure and fossil jar
7. Mud Pie dinosaur sock plush
8. Little Sapling Toys wood teether


9. The Land of Nod dinosaur shelf
10. Plan Toys dino cars
11. Nawi Kids plush toy
12. Noodoll wall hook
13. Eeboo panoramic puzzle


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