Who’s That Girl?

Meet this Manhattan 10-year-old whose mix of moxie, maturity and simple style makes her a trendsetter.

Residing in lower Manhattan with her mother Zoe Adlersberg, contributing photographer for Earnshaw’s, 10-year-old Uma is beyond her years when it comes to adventure and style. Often jetting between her mother’s residence in New York and her father’s in Paris, Uma is an expert on traveling light yet ready for anything. “I go on camping trips with my dad each year, and every summer my mom and I go on an adventure,” she says, citing past destinations like Spanish beaches, Bali and their upcoming trip to Ibiza. Her secret to fashion on the go? “Dress comfortably and be confident,” Uma says.

How would you describe your personal style? Simple. I’m not the type of girl to wear a big, glitzy emoji backpack. You’re more likely to find me in a simple striped shirt and comfortable jeans. I’m such a jeans person.

What style of jeans? Oh, jean shorts, pants—I love them all. I especially love customizing them like cuffing the bottoms or buying iron-on patches and really making them special. 

Is being able to customize your clothes and accessories important? Definitely! I love finding ways to be original—especially because I have to wear a uniform to school, so it’s harder to express myself.

Do you add personal touches to your school uniform? I love trying unique hairstyles and sometimes will even dye my hair.

When not at school, what’s your favorite clothing brand? I usually care more about the look than the label. I like when things aren’t too expensive. However, when it comes to designer, I do like the tailored simplicity of Zadig & Voltaire.

How about shoes? I love running sneakers, but my favorite shoe is a wedge when my mom lets me wear one. I love espadrille wedges. I also like printed slip-ons because they’re just so easy to, you know, slip on.

What’s your favorite color to wear? Gold, but it has to be used modestly. I love a black leather jacket with a lightening bolt or gold cuffs. When it’s all-over gold, it’s not tasteful. I also like pairing gold with army green. 

Would you rather shop online or in-store? I never shop online. There are so many videos of online shopping fails—I just don’t trust it.

Do the ethics of brands and stores matter? Absolutely. We have a store nearby our home in New York called Otherwild. They are LGBT-friendly and not afraid to be different. I find that very inspiring. I also admire brands that are fair-trade, donate to charities and make empowering their customers a priority.

Have you noticed more brands empowering young girls? Yes! It’s great because with everything going on in the world, it’s important that girls feel confident. Some of my friends at school think it’s cool to say they’re not good at things or that they can’t like certain things, but they should just feel comfortable being themselves. I find that if you have self-confidence (without bragging), it automatically makes you a stronger person. 

What’s your biggest fear? If there was no more hope. If anyone said, I just want to give up. That’s my biggest fear.

What’s your No. 1 goal? To help make the world a better place. When I grow up I want to do something to help the environment. I love traveling, exploring new areas and discovering new things. Another option could be mental health by becoming a psychologist. So we’ll see!

Fast Favorites

Movie? The Pink Panther with Steve Martin and Life of the Party with Melissa McCarthy.

Celebrities? Jack Black, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wigg.

TV Show? The Great British Baking Show

School Subjects? Math and science.

Sports? Volleyball and track.

Music? Creating my own pieces on violin and guitar.

Social media? None, I’m not allowed on it.

Book? Anything to do with Greek mythology.

Holiday? Christmas and Hanukkah


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