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There’s No “I” in Team

Behind every successful businessperson, there’s a team contributing to that success.

Behind every successful businessperson, there’s a team contributing to that success. No one is an island; every CEO, designer, retailer, and magazine publisher builds their own specialized squad to assist in bringing a vision to fruition. All of the stories in this month’s issue underscore the concept of teamwork.

We kick things off with a Q&A on a relative newcomer, The Sunday Collective, a sustainable company and proponent of “slow fashion” based in Portugal. Owners Chloe and Jae Kim rely on the teams of local farmers, factory workers and their staff to produce their 100% organic, chemical-free garments for their international roster of customers. “Farm to Fashion” starts on page 12.

We dive into the vertical business of Bird & Bean, founded by Janel Anderson. While Anderson has the creative energy of a small army and spends her free time remerchandising her store, this mom of two still relies on the unwavering support of her husband, wholesale and retail staffs and most recently, an operations manager. Read about Anderson’s journey and the necessity of her village in “Living the Retail Dream” starting on page 14. Our Designer Chat delves into the non-traditional approach of boys’ brand Me + Henry, the brainchild of Mark Jeynes, who developed several more brands during Covid with the support of his friends-and-family team; “For the Lads” starts on page 38.

Last, but certainly not least, is our star-powered fashion pages led by our creative team of Mariah Walker,  Nancy Campbell, and Trevett McCandliss, who couldn’t do this without the companies who supply clothing samples, our lovely models and their agencies, and this issue’s talented photographer Zoe Adlersberg. Although the end result might appear effortless, our on-location photo shoots take an incredible team effort. Every issue, I am increasingly amazed and inspired by
innovative stories and the village it takes to produce this magazine, including our hard-working publisher, Noelle Heffernan.

We hope you love this issue as much as we do. Drop me a line to tell me about your team at We look forward to seeing you in New York City at the Playtime/Kid’s Hub show.


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