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2020 Earnie Awards Winner – Eco-Conscious Company: Burt’s Bee’s Baby

Excellence in design and retail across the children’s fashion and juvenile product industries.

Eco-Conscious Company

Burt’s Bee’s Baby

Est. 2012

Maria Nyline-Asker, President & CEO

Greatest fear: Heights, but I love flying.

Biggest motivator: The team and our mission

What are your hobbies? Traveling and cooking

Favorite quarantine snack: Pirate’s Booty

Last book you read: Invisible Influence

Last movie you watched: Little Women

Sweet Success Our business is on track to realize 33 percent growth this year versus 2019. We continue to see key basics accelerate at a greater rate than our seasonal fashion collections. Our strategy of discipline and focus has been the biggest game changer. We’re not trying to be all things to all customers. Instead, we have a clearly defined distribution and product strategy. We’re also nimble and have successfully made adjustments along the way. We’ve recently invested significantly in improving our user experience on, which is paying off greatly.

Healthy Hive We’ve established a culture committee to ensure the needs and concerns of the team are being heard, addressed and implemented.  They review important topics within our consumer group as well as global issues to determine how we communicate with our customers on these topics. They also identify charitable opportunities, ranging from volunteering to donating.

The Initial Sting The pandemic did a number on our supply chain, and we very quickly needed to find alternate sources. This is something we were already working on, but COVID-19 accelerated that initiative to our benefit. Having multiple sources is essential to mitigate risk. We’re now launching internationally and very excited to offer our products to other marketplaces outside the U.S.

Future Buzz A company’s focus should be on digital. Technology has impacted both our manufacturing capabilities and consumer behavior. In years to come, eco-conscious product options and value will improve as more competitors and technological advances take place in the space—a win for the consumer!

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