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Crafted in the City of Angels, PaigeLauren produces deliciously soft, chic baby wear with a distinct California sensibility.

YOU COULD SAY THAT Paige Lauren was born to have her own brand. After all, her name itself seems to conjure up a lifestyle or clothing concept. Lauren’s early enterprise was in high-end fashion accessories, and then went on to architectural design. In between, she graduated from the Parsons School of Design.

When friends started having babies, she became frustrated trying to find simple, classic baby clothes for them. That was the impetus for PaigeLauren (PL), her eponymous clothing line that embodies the duality of both coasts, like the designer herself: casual, comfy Southern California meets the no-fuss, chic aesthetic of New York.

The clothes are simple and unadorned, relying on luxurious fabrics, fine tailoring and subtle yet thoughtful details. Even the placement of the label is special—it goes on the side. Lauren eschews trends, and that has served her well. This mom and business owner with endless energy and a commitment to sustainability shares insight about what makes her brand tick.

What has been the inspiration for your designs?

Paige Lauren: I start with colors that pull me in, and I create a story around that. I’m a visual artist and have developed my own sensibility about what I think will work.

What design elements do you incorporate and what’s unique about the fabrics and construction?

Lauren: We always have binding on everything with a top four- thread stitch. We develop our own fabrics that are luxuriously soft and made locally from predominantly natural fibers. Using pops of color is one of our hallmarks. We use lasting construction techniques and high-quality finishes. I’m committed to using low-impact organic dyes and recycled fabrics—there’s a sustainable mentality on all ends of my designing.

Who are some of your favorite designers and why?

Lauren: Tommy Perse, who was a California kid, created Maxfield in L.A. and was an amazing merchandiser. Rei Kawaubo, Japanese designer of Comme de Garçons, for his architectural silhouettes and fabrics. Versace for the pops of color and edge. The list goes on, but these are a few fabulous humans who made a mark in our fashion world.

What changes in the market have you seen?

Lauren: The lack of real seasons is playing a large role about how retailers and buyers have changed the way they buy. Also, many stores wound up stocking too much inventory from the aftermath of Covid while the costs of goods increased. Technology has become a must-have for buying and selling. In terms of consumer behavior, there’s the need for immediate gratification with same-day ship- ping. Also, customers always want to see new products, especially with babies who grow fast.

How are you pivoting to address the changing needs of the market?

Lauren: We don’t follow trends—we set our own trends. We offer year-round collections, core collection, and limited-edition batches of an edit to always create something new. We strive to be sustainable and when we have too much stock on hand, we make a new collection by overdying certain styles to give them a new, fresh look.

What are some highlights of your Fall/Winter ‘23 collections?

Lauren: Our matchy-matchy loungewear for baby, toddler and kids. I love using pre-washed sherpa, fleece, hacchi, and thermal fabrics with a butter-soft hand.

How would you describe the core of your brand?

Lauren: We cater to a mindset to make a statement in a relaxed way. Everyone just wants to be comfortable, and this is truly the essence of the brand. The tagline truly explains it: “For the softer side of life.”

What’s most important to you as a designer?

Lauren: I love having the freedom to express my vision and the elements of what I feel is important for baby clothing.


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