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Designer Chat: Magda Rams – Kids on the Moon

Magda Rams

Magda Rams has long been involved in the fashion world, starting out as a stylist for magazines and working in film production. But it wasn’t until she had her first child that Rams was inspired to go back to her true love: design. “When I became a mother, I decided to get back to what I really enjoyed in college—designing,” Rams says. After years of living abroad with her husband, she returned to her native Warsaw, Poland, with fresh ideas and founded Kids on the Moon (KOTM) in 2013.
Fusing comfort with modernity in eco-friendly styles, KOTM aims to educate children on how to express themselves through wholesome fashion. “Every collection has a story behind it to tell kids something about the world,” Rams says. “I want to encourage them to be independent, happy, free and, most of all, dream big.” Rams’ empowering message has resonated with consumers worldwide. KOTM is available in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Germany and the United States.

For Fall ’19, KOTM will hone in on the connection between people and nature, with animal prints and a palette of natural colors like green, beige, ginger and sky blue. “I want to make kids aware of their impact on the world,” Rams says. The material story further reflects the earth-friendly theme with soft cottons and comfortable linens. “We need to educate youth about how clothes are made,” she says, citing production houses that are implementing recycling solutions as an encouraging example. “It’s a step toward a better tomorrow that KOTM will support and promote wholeheartedly,” Rams says. —Aleda Johnson

How’s business? Great! We’ve been exploring for unique inspiration and putting more attention into advertising. We found some great new suppliers from Europe, and we plan to expand further into the U.S. market this year.   

Who’s the KOTM customer? People who care. A parent who values sustainable fashion, the aesthetical side of life and, of course, the environment. This customer also has a deep appreciation for design, art and the overall work of others.   

How are you getting the word out about KOTM? We’ve created an online community of mothers, clients, fashion lovers, photographers and bloggers who we stay connected to through updates about the brand on social media. One of our best communication tools is Instagram. That platform allows us to thoroughly showcase the world of KOTM: the important moments, inspirations, sneak peeks and styling ideas. We get lots of friendly feedback and have quickly been able to reach new customers worldwide. 

What do you love most about being a designer? The possibility to influence others by giving them something I value. That’s why there’s a story behind every collection.   

Does your personal style influence your designs?  Yes, they’re very closely related. Personally and professionally, I always keep it simple with good taste. I love experimenting with interesting colors or surprising details but never anything too loud. I also adore black, so I’m happy to have a lot of little clients who like that color, too.

What’s your favorite KOTM style? Our new eco-friendly sweatshirt for this fall. I would wear it!

What do you see in KOTM’s future?  Well, I’ve always wanted to collaborate with NASA or have our first flagship store on the moon. (Laughs.) We’re just starting out, so expect much more growth and designs to come.


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