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MaRen undergarments promote body positivity and health education for young girls.

When Alisia Grenville’s mother was suffering from breast cancer, after hiding her diagnosis from the family for years, the young mother vowed to always have an open dialogue with her daughter about the importance of women’s health. Out of the healthy relationship spawned Grenville’s idea for a girls’ undergarment brand to spread the conversation to other mothers and their daughters. 

Named after her young daughter Maren, the Canadian brand debuted last August, offering age-appropriate styles of delicate, high-quality bras, underwear and camisoles. “It’s perfect for Mom to gift her daughter and start talking about the importance of body positivity and self-care at an early age,” Grenville says. The bras retail for $32, underwear for $22 and camisoles for $45 with adorable gift packaging options available.

Grenville has also established the MaRen Foundation, an organization that provides health education and complimentary bras to less privileged girls and sponsors an ambassador for youth design contests. “I think to make a brand successful it has to come from a spirited place—something you truly believe in,” Grenville says. “I live to connect with retailers and customers who can help educate our youth on the importance of loving themselves and their bodies.”

Looking ahead, Grenville, who grew up in Canada and lives in Switzerland , aims to expand in the European and North American markets, starting with trade shows and pop-up events soon. She adds that the brand has plans to branch into a similar positivity-themed concept in boys’ apparel, inspired by her twin sons. “We’ll never be about just making undergarments,” Grenville says. “We’re here to make a difference in the lives of young people.” —Emily Beckman


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