Milktology Celebrates Humankind

In a year filled with epic adversity and angst, Andrea Jaimes, graphic and fashion designer for Milktology, was determined to use her platform to celebrate the beauty of humankind.

Love Wins: Sometimes the best inspiration comes from adversity.

The innovative designer recently launched (for Spring/Summer 2021) the “We are Humans” apparel collection, spanning the innocence of newborn babies to the wisdom of centenarians that celebrate our individual differences while reminding us of the power and beauty of the human race.

In this collection, there are rainbows depicting a glorious spectrum of the world’s skin tones, as well as families of different cultures dancing together. The designs are uplifting and inspiring.

“Challenging times bring us new ways of inspiration and creativity,” Jaimes says. “This is the most important collection we’ve released to date.”

Using watercolors to create wonderous palettes of individuals from around the world,  Jaimes addresses four key areas of interest: The People We Know; My Eyes; I Live Here; and We are a Rainbow of Colors.

While there isn’t really a silver lining to a deadly global pandemic, Jaimes says working on something uplifting and positive offered a temporary escape from all the pain and suffering. “This collection came from a place of love, hope and intention,” she says.

Each garment is crafted from a soft cotton, which is 100 percent Oeko-certified, lightweight and only colored with natural dyes. Bestsellers include leggings, rompers, sweatshirts, animal-eared baby hats, bandana bibs, dresses and face masks. (The brand is also offering adult sizing in select styles.)

While Covid-19 did cause problems in production early on and forced Milktology to temporarily downsize its team, Jaimes says things are looking up now, as more retailers in the U.S. have safely reopened. To assist its retail partners who are trying to get back up to speed, Milktology is giving a 20 percent discount on new orders and offering customized payment plans for 2021. Its also offering free shipping on Spring/Summer orders over $2,000.

“We will support our retailers however we can,” Jaimes says, noting the brand even sent complimentary printed tote bags this spring to give retailers a preview of  the “We are Humans” collection. “It’s important to keep those lines of communication open,” Jaimes says. “It’s the little things that count now more than ever.”

Continuing to expand globally next year, Milktology will be experimenting more with organic materials and dyes, as well as expanding further into  larger sizes. “The reaction to this Spring/Summer collection has been very motivating,” Jaimes says. “It feels great to see such a powerful message being supported by our industry.”

More Than Art: Watercolor illustrations reflect the beauty of diversity around the world.


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