Dream Big

Melody Nabati, co-founder of Mini Dreamers, on rocketing from online startup to international success through the art of buying and curation.

BE SELECTIVE There are a ton of amazing children’s brands out there but buying metallic leggings of different labels won’t help you or your customer. It’s hard not to overbuy, but it’s even harder to always get questions about which metallic legging is really the best one. Don’t put yourself in a position where your brands are directly competing with one another on the rack. Choose one, and be done.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Please don’t take anything too personally. Unfortunately, I can’t like every piece from every collection—and that’s okay! It’s wonderful when brands are passionate about what they create, but it’s challenging if they’re too sensitive. I encourage brands to listen to each buyer and avoid pushing pieces they’re telling you won’t work for their customer.

PRICE CHECK Customers can shop at Old Navy and Gap for basics, but they come to boutiques for what’s unique. Parents won’t mind spending extra for special occasions, but you better do you’re part in offering something truly different at a competitive price. Do your research, and know what’s out there.

Home Runs


T2Love and Californian Vintage


Lilies & Roses and Milk & Soda


Tutu Du Monde


Appaman and Nununu




Sparkle by Stoopher and Rowdy Sprout

MATCHY-MATCHY Offering coordinating styles for siblings is very important these days. From birth announcements to vacation photos, moms want to capture that too-cute shot for her friends to go crazy over—and hopefully ask where she got the outfits. Our selection ranges from baby to size 10, and there’s even opportunities to special order matching looks for Mom!

STAY ON THE LOOKOUT Inspiration is everywhere, so it’s important to always have an eye out. Our business is like a mini department store for kids, carrying over 120 clothing lines from around the world. I find brands in all different places. Trade shows, Instagram and recommendations from our customers are all valuable resources. I try to stay up to date on the hot brands, as well as search for unique ones that fit our vibe. 


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