Lucky Charms

Chatons de Bonbons introduces sweet, sophisticated accessories. 

Natasha Goellner, a full-time pastry chef with a flair for fashion, started creating child-friendly versions of designer charm necklaces after her daughter lost one too many of her expensive pieces. “I’m drawn to Tarina Tarantino jewelry and adult Hello Kitty—anything super cute,” Goellner says, noting that her daughter especially loved her Kate Spade necklace with donut and bunny charms on it. “I knew I could replicate this idea in an affordable fashion for kids that I wouldn’t have to worry if it was lost.”

Chatons de Bonbons, Goellner’s line of sweet accessories, spans charm necklaces and bracelets (MSRP $12-$34) to a colorful assortment of rings ($6). The collection, debuting last September, is heavily influenced by Goellner’s love of pastries and cats. Mindful of not appearing “too kiddie,” Goellner adds pink bows and pompoms hanging from strands of pearl necklaces and delicate golden chains adorned with pastel candies, fluffy felines and slices of cake.

Most recently, Goellner dove deeper into its popular confections by launching Feather the Kitten’s Passport Collection. Based on her own fat cat who loved to eat, Feather, the brand’s mascot, travels the world through each collection in search of treats. Customers can purchase a passport and follow Feather to new destinations, collecting stickers that look like stamps. So far collections have focused on France, showcasing lots of macaroons and cookies, and Lake Lugano in Switzerland, featuring swans and alpine strawberries.

At Children’s Club in January, Goellner reports buyers loved the line for its adorable designs at an affordable price. However, they had one suggestion. “People were very specific about no yellow in their orders,” she says, adding that she tested why on her daughter after the show. “We put groups of accessories in front of her, and she always picked the yellow version last, so you won’t be seeing much of that color anymore!”

Chatons de Bonbons’ customers will be seeing more customized charms as special makeups. “We’re always listening to what our customer wants,” Goellner says. “That’s how you build the sweetest products—through even sweeter relationships.” 


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