What Inspires You?

I always want to know what inspires designers, retailers and business owners of all kinds to create, build, grow, pivot, overcome, persevere.

This is a question I’ve asked countless times. Designers, retailers and business owners of all kinds—I always want to know what inspires them to create, build, grow, pivot, overcome, persevere. It’s also how we at Earnshaw’s approach every single one of our issues. Our team will research, brainstorm and craft stories to reflect the best of the new season. The issue that’s in your hands right now feels especially inspiring to me.

You will find creative collaborations with artists and evergreen organizations (page 6), adorably fresh swimwear (pages 8, 40) and get to take a deep dive into a Nashville, Tenn., boutique employing classic strategies and a whole lot of passion for maximum success (page 12).

Then get ready to feast your eyes on our unbelievably cool fashion layout, shot on location in Venice Beach, Calif., by the mega talented duo of Mariah Walker and Zoe Adlersberg (“Free Bird” starts on page 24).

Our stories continue with a special piece about a neuroatypical child who struggled well into adulthood until she found her calling. Anna Schwengle channeled her unique brainpower into award-winning products for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As the mother of a child with ADHD, I felt incredibly moved by Schwengle’s vulnerable and compelling “Note to My Younger Self” (page 16) and I hope you will, too.

Get ready for more inspiration as the market springs into action, especially with the upcoming Playtime/Kid’s Hub in New York City from July 31 to Aug. 2. Earnshaw’s has proudly partnered with the trade show to kick off our 2022 Earnie Awards—the accolades given for design excellence in childrenswear for nearly 50 years. We will be announcing the prestigious nominees live on July 31, with more details coming to your inbox and on social media. We look forward to raising a glass to everyone who inspires us!


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