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The 8th edition of Petite Parade exhibited a wonderful array of stylish threads.

Nobody could rain on the parade Saturday at Bathhouse Studios in New York City’s East Village. The 8th edition of Petite Parade saw nary a drop to dampen the event. The miniature glitterati were out in full force with the likes of tot celebrity London Scout reporting the event and even those of the full-sized fashion set showed up, with Miss J. Alexander putting in an appearance for the three o’clock runway show. Stylists like Annie Caruso, Kiki Tillman and Michel Onofrio brought heavenly waves, edgy veils and super slick shades to the runway to complement the fall collections. Here, we’ll break down each show to fill you in on who’s going for whimsically chic or cutting-edge cool in Fall ’15.

Anais & I

Anais & I 2 Anais & I 3

 Fit for a day at the playground: That was the theme of the day’s first show, as mini models sashayed down the runway, then turned to play hopscotch and hulahoop. But they weren’t decked out in ordinary play outfits. From metallic jackets to tweed blazers, Anais & I designer Jane D’Haene set out to prove once again that there’s always an occasion for style. Standouts included a yellow parka sure to brighten any winter day, and a pink sweater sporting a horse, one of this year’s big trends.

Little Miss Galia

 Little Miss Galia Little Miss Galia 2 petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC February 2015

Opening the three o’clock show, Little Miss Galia offered up a gypsette-inspired collection that was as cool as it was colorful. Chock full of floppy hats, pussy-bow blouses and woven tweeds in vibrant hues of orange and purple the collection toed the line perfectly between free-spirited and fashion-forward. Oversized houndstooth and plaid prints in eggplant and gray offer exciting takes on winter neutrals. Layering added dimension to the overall looks, featuring pops of lace under bright capes and warm, chunky knits over mixed-print ensembles. Playful and quirky, the collection caught every eye in the room.

Aria Children’s Clothing

 Aria 1 petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC February 2015

This collection was a showstopper from the moment the first model walked out. Originally clad in a ball cap, oversized glasses and coat, the Aria model tossed off the accessories, threw aside the outerwear and shook out her bob, revealing the modern study in juxtaposition below: A tailored jacket in large-scale orange, brown and yellow floral print paired with a layered gold-tulle tutu. The rest of the collection followed suit, with ’70s-inspired prints, vibrant colors, sharp-angled hemlines and the pairing of hard and soft predominant throughout.

Biscotti & Kate Mack

 KM and Bis 2 KM and Bis 1

Luxe, chic looks reign supreme for Biscotti and Kate Mack in Fall ’15. From the first look—a mod black and white take on a ’20s-inspired drop-waist silhouette complete with a jaunty beret—the collection kept it classic. Highlights included a silver fringed dress, wavy sheer skirt details and blown-out hair to add movement on the runway. Staple styles were given fresh verve thanks to contrasting prints, such as leopard and plaid, as well as fabrics, like jewel-embossed layered tulle, floral appliqués and rough sequins. Surprising details lent an edge to the overall classic styles and kept the collection feeling young and versatile.


petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC February 2015 Dil 2 petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC February 2015

The show ended with a bang from the Dillonger boys’ collection. Looking hip as can be, these little dudes strutted their stuff in shades and caps, striking poses at the end of the runway. Slouchy ’90s-inspired flannel jackets with leather details, navy and red jump and track suits in rich velvet, mod black and white pairings and multiple shiny gold zippers were key elements in the line. Quilting and a muted-mauve camo added trend-setting appeal to street-inspired basics. Fall ’15 is looking cool and contemporary at Dillonger.


Imoga 1 Imoga 2 

Imoga kicked off the final show of the day at five o’clock with an elegant, timeless collection. The color palette remained firmly in the deep burgundy, slate gray, navy and mauve range, but was punctuated by bright pops of color in floral and plaid prints. Rich gold metallics, tulle and faux fur added a luxe element to the collection. Mesh veils, satin gloves and lady-like jewelry elevated look from pretty to posh and the vibe was, according to several bloggers in attendance, the classiest of all the Petite Parade shows.

Bonnie Young

BY 2 BY 1 BY 3

Wrapping up the event was the memorable Bonnie Young show. The out of the box collection featured heavily layered ensembles in a dark, rich color palette of black, navy, eggplant and gray. Fur, leather, laser cutouts, embroidery and satin details gave the line a polished look. Asymmetry, kimono-inspired and oversized, cinched silhouettes added unique form and flair to the Fall ’15 collection.


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