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Data Management Tool for Ecommerce

Syndic8’s Verification Service provides resources to help sell excess inventory.

With consumer spending forecasted to be significantly lower as we move into 2023 and a potential recession, companies need to be nimbler and more creative in terms of how they can sell their excess children’s inventory. The first step is having accurate data to make better decisions, a second step is moving labor intensive tasks to an automated process and the last step is having the ability to expand their digital channels quickly which Syndic8’s Data Management and Syndication platform can provide these services. “The silver lining is that these recessional cycles can present opportunities for children’s apparel and accessory companies to optimize their sales and maximize margins, said Chris John, CEO, and Co-founder of Syndic8.

In addition, Syndic8’s Verification Service includes core, seasonal and on-demand validation that monitors product status across digital trading partner destinations. It utilizes inventory feeds to confirm that products are listed accurately, summarizes product statuses, delivers weekly tracking reports to ensure continual availability throughout the selling season, and allows sales teams to rapidly deploy their latest sales strategies. Therefore, you can protect your children’s brand across your trading partner network.


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