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Snapper Rock Announces New Line of Adventurewear

The new product line marks Snapper Rock’s first foray into family adventurewear after nearly two decades of global success in the swimwear market.

Snapper Rock Introduces Adventurewear

Snapper Rock, a global leader in UPF50+ swimwear for the entire family, has announced the launch of a new line of products in the children’s activewear category. Snapper Rock Adventurewear is the brand’s first expansion into this new segment of clothing and gear for children. To introduce the new range, the Snapper Rock team will be attending the Kid’s Hub by Playtime in New York on February 13-15 in the Metropolitan Pavilion Booth, #N15. Since 2003, Snapper Rock has outfitted children across the globe for warm-weather fun with its protective swimwear. As the brand has grown, the Snapper Rock team has looked to expand their product portfolio in a thoughtful way that would allow families to have fun outside year-round, not just during the warmest, sunniest days of the year. Driven by this motivation, the team developed the Snapper Rock Adventurewear line. The line of sustainable raincoats is waterproof and windproof and protects children from the elements during all seasons while also protecting the planet. Families can choose from three happy, vibrant patterns and colors that transform rainy days into days of joyful fun and exploration.

While the Snapper Rock brand is known worldwide for protecting families as they enjoy time out in the sun–and now the rain–the team is equally as committed to protecting our planet. The outer layer of its Adventurewear raincoats is 100% polyester crafted from PET plastic bottles. Each coat is made with approximately 14 bottles, helping to reduce landfill waste without sacrificing product quality. And for comfort and warmth, each lining is crafted from micro-fleece and features taped seams to ensure each coat is completely waterproof. Snapper Rock also uses sustainable packaging with eco-friendly, biodegradable poly garment bags that compost in six months, leaving a cleaner, healthier planet for children across the globe. “Since its inception, Snapper Rock has been driven by one mission: protecting families worldwide from the damage caused by sun exposure,” said Liz Eglinton, Snapper Rock CEO. “But as our swimwear has grown in popularity, we realized that families need protection year-round, not just during the sunniest months. We support families spending time together and having fun all year long and saw an opportunity to provide them this chance with our Adventurewear line. With our sustainable raincoats, families are now protected from the rain and cooler weather, so they never have to let a dreary day stop them from enjoying time together exploring the world around them.” Snapper Rock has plans to continue to expand its Adventurewear line, with the aim of providing year-round protective gear for the entire family


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