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Playtime Paris Will Not Take Place This Summer

Playtime Paris announces cancellation of Summer 2021 show.

In a press release today, June 9 2021, Playtime announced the cancellation of Playtime Paris for Summer 2021.

“With the relaunch of Playtime Paris, under the impulse of many brands and buyers who asked for it, our aim was to ” restart the engine ” after a year and a half without physical meetings.

“We set out and partly achieved our objectives from a commercial point of view with 86 confirmed brands, but we now have to face the fact that the initial aspirations of our customers have turned into fears and uncertainties, and that the majority of Europeans are not ready for a live show.

“Pre-registrations of buyers started well, but they are still below our expectations. Most of the ‘major brands’ loyal to Playtime did not want to commit this season and this situation will contribute to the dispersion of buyers all over Europe.

“We are not making any judgement, as everyone has their own priorities, but these choices have real consequences on the attendance of an international show like ours.
So today, as with all the decisions we have taken in the past, we are not thinking of ourselves, but of all the brands that follow us and expect a lot from Playtime. We already commited ourselves with many providers, so our decision is against our own company’s financial interests, but Playtime is an ethical company that takes its responsibilities and protects its customers above all else.

“Playtime will therefore not take place this summer in Paris.

“This season, with our confirmed shows in Shanghai and New York, we will be the first event in the world to take another step towards greater integration between physical and digital, because that’s where the future is: All pre-registrations for Playtime New York, Kid’s Hub New York (our new US show) and Playtime Shanghai will now go through the Marketplace!
All verified buyers of the physical shows will now have an account there and will manage their passes for our events from the marketplace.

“Over the past year and a half, our platform has served thousands of buyers and hundreds of brands. It also serves the shows WHITE in Milan, VIEW in Paris and Spring & Autumn Fair in the UK. It is now one of the largest networks of verified international buyers in women’s, men’s, children’s fashion and lifestyle.
The Playtime community can be proud to be one of the most innovative communities in the world!

“Coming next this summer: the Wild Digital Days, we a tasty mix of exceptional contents and meetings for fashion and lifestyle lovers!”

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