Fresh Find: Shar’s Kiddie Collection

Go wild with this new brand’s ferocious attitude.

Naresh Sharma wanted to gift her pregnant daughter with something completely unique—something that no one else would be able to get her. But when a sweep of the market came up fruitless, she decided to put her background in art to good use and design her own set of nursery accessories. It didn’t take long for her to realize she wasn’t alone in her search for special baby gifts, inspiring her to launch Shar’s Kiddie Collection, a homemade accessory and T-shirt line that debuted at the January edition of ENK Children’s Club. “I wanted to make something that kids would love from an early age, such as animals, but would also be useful,” says Sharma of the line’s accessories, which include animal-shaped hangars, peg boards and door knobs. Inspired by a cast of Zoo animals reimagined in whimsical cut-outs and bold colors, the collection also includes customizable, brightly colored T-shirts for infants and kids up to 12 years. Wholesale prices for the brand range from $4.50 to $12.00.


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