Nordstrom Announces Human Rights And Women’s Empowerment Goals For 2025

With nearly 70 percent female employees, the retailer continues to commit to empowering women globally.

Nordstrom is doubling down on its commitment to human rights and women’s empowerment globally, announcing the expansion of its Nordstrom Made commitment.

By 2025, Nordstrom has promised to…

  • Have 90 percent of Nordstrom Made products produced in factories that invest in women’s empowerment
  • Be able to trace 90 percent of its Nordstrom Made products back to the factory where they were produced
  • Have 100 percent of Nordstrom Made strategic suppliers pay a living wage to their factory workers
  • Continue to invest in organizations that support women’s empowerment to create trainings and resources within our global supply chain

Since 2007, Nordstrom has partnered with BSR’s HERProject to create and support worker empowerment programs in 27 factories around the world, reaching tens of thousands of workers. Focusing on topics like health, financial literacy and gender equality, these programs have a ripple effect that benefit families and entire communities by providing valuable skills, education and resources. New this year, Nordstrom is providing a grant to CARE to support its programs aimed to remove the root causes of poverty experienced by women.

“Nordstrom is committed to offering our customers a selection of products they can feel good about because they know they’re made in a responsible way,” says Jennifer Jackson Brown, president of Nordstrom Product Group, adding that commitment starts with its own private-label brands. “We work closely with factories that make our Nordstrom Made brands to ensure they’re meeting our guidelines to create a safe, healthy and fair workplace for the women and men who work there.”



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