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Nesting Necessities

Six quick tips on balancing fashion and function in the nursery.

From selecting the perfect paint hue to choosing the ideal texture for a rug, “nesting” can be a daunting task for expecting parents. In order to help bring ease to mom and dad’s shopping experience, retailers must stay up-to-date on the tips and trends of today’s most fashionable and functional nursery décor.

According to Australian designer Kristy Withers, mom of two and founder of Incy Interiors, the nursery and children’s room can make for a really fun space to decorate. The key to success is simply finding a balance: “It’s an opportunity to create an area that you know will be peaceful and calming for baby and complementary to the balance of the home,” Withers explains. “Then, on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to really bring the colors of childhood to life and throw in punches of shades and different fabrication.”

Mark Zeller, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price, also weighed in on the importance of personal expression in the nursery, particularly in reference to Millennials: “Millennial parents-to-be see their baby purchases as a reflection of their personal style,” Zeller notes. “Mom wants to love it – after all she’s bringing it into her home alongside any other home furnishings. It’s got to mirror the beautiful aesthetics within her home met with functional, chic design.”

Wondering how to strike that perfect balance between fashion and function? Check out these six tips for designing a well-balanced and welcoming space for baby.

High Contrast

“Design a nursery that works with a high-contrast color palette,” American Designer Jonathan Adler advises, noting his current creative collaboration with Fisher-Price. “The experts at Fisher-Price say that babies are attracted to those high-contrast colors and black and white is an ‘always combination.’ It’s graphic, it’s bold, and it works seamlessly with any décor.”

Nursery featuring several products from Fisher-Price by Jonathan Adler collection.

Nursery featuring several products from the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price collection.

Shine Bright

  • Metallic is having a moment. “Warm metals like copper, brass and rose gold will continue to take the throne this season, which should be the statement centerpiece,” Withers suggests. Sophisticated yet versatile, metallic is a classic foundation to allow for more elaborate patterns and fun colors.
TK caption TK

The “Ellie” crib by Incy Interiors adds the perfect touch of metallic.


Good Habits 

Parents always want to instill good habits in their kids, and the best time to start that is when they’re young. According to Withers, parents can encourage reading by introducing a beautiful bookcase to the nursery—a healthy staple and timeless feature in any bedroom design.


Incy Interiors’ “Jude” bookcase, shown in white.

Make a Statement 

  • “Select one statement piece to frame the room, and add delicate touches along the way,” says Withers. “The Penny Bed is a handsome piece that has captured the principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality and, at the same time, delightfully radiates warmth and modern-day charm.”
The "Penny" bed from Incy Interiors.

The “Penny Bed” from Incy Interiors is simple yet eye-catching.

Growth Spurt 

  • “Invest in furniture that can adapt as your child grows with shelves, drawers and hanging space so you can hide the contents behind closed doors,” Withers advises. Looking to carry quality convertible furniture? Try SmartStuff, a leading furniture brand that caters tots to tweens.
The "Genevieve" convertible crib by SmartStuff.

The “Genevieve” convertible crib by SmartStuff.

Layered Love  

  • “Whether it be a mixture of colors, textures or both, layers add dimension and mean you can enjoy creative flexibility without having to commit to a color story,” Withers suggests. “Select printed sheets, toys and blankets, which will infuse your room with personality and theatrics.”
Bed sheets by Jonathan Adler for Fisher-Price.

Bed sheets from the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price collection.



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