Mud Pie Asks Global Sourcing Partners for N95 Masks

More than 1,200 masks will be donated by the end of this week to local health professionals.

Mud Pie donates masks to local health professionals.

Marcia Miller, founder and CEO of gift company Mud Pie, sprung into action this week, giving local health professionals their most wished-for gift: N95 masks. “We have so many friends in healthcare who are on the front lines fighting this horrible virus,” Miller says, noting their biggest concern has been access to protective gear. “We wanted to help them in whatever way possible.”

With sourcing connections all over the globe, Miller was able to get in touch with Mud Pie’s partner in China. Now back at work, the factory employees were able to secure N95 masks to be  distributed in the United States this week. Yesterday, March 25, Mud Pie was able to donate over 150 masks to hospitals in Atlanta, GA, and Green Bay and Madison, WI. Miller hopes to distribute 1,200 by the end of this week.
“Doing nothing is not an option,” the CEO says. “We appreciate all of the hardworking doctors and nurses out there, and this is one small way we can support them.”

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