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Got Milk?

LaVie is here to help with the new “Lactation Massager.”

LaVie’s Lactation Massager is offering breastfeeding moms relief by facilitating milk flow and relieving pain caused by engorgement, plugged ducts and other common challenges.

Approved by lactation consultants, the milk expression tool provides gentle pressure and vibration to the affected breast to make emptying breasts easier while also assisting in reduced supply, undersupply and oversupply issues, says Eran Weinberg, founder and CEO of LaVie. “The unique shape and gentle vibrations make it the perfect breastfeeding tool, and has been a game-changer for many moms,” he says, adding that the device has shown to be more effective than manual techniques for increasing milk flow.

Available on Amazon and select retailers for $39.95, the device’s shape is designed to fit all breasts. The soft medical-grade silicon construction is BPA-free and waterproof, perfect for use in a warm shower, and it’s rechargeable with no batteries needed, making travel easy. 


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