Editor’s Pick: Magic Pick Nail Stickers

The new Magic Pick collection is perfect for “mommy and me” time as well as a fun sleepover activity with friends!

Dashing Diva, creator of Magic Press Press-On Nails and Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Nail Strips, has something new for the brand’s littlest fans. Introducing Magic Pick nail stickers for kids!

Magic Pick features playful designs like Unicorn Fantasy, Flower Power, Pretty Princess, Under the Sea and Old McDonalds Farm, to name a few. Each set includes 100+ assorted nail stickers, two alcohol prep pads and four pick tools.

A gentle adhesion is already applied to each sticker for easy application—just pick up and stick on! To remove, nail polish remover is recommended.

Retailing for $7, Dashing Diva’s Magic Pick is launching this month on DashingDiva.com and is available to retailers nationwide.


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