Cheers to 100 Years

Feltman Brothers celebrates 100 years with a new collection and special edition doll.

This year, Feltman Brothers is celebrating its 100th anniversary of providing high-quality, hand-embroidered garments for babies since 1916. Although Feltman Brothers’ heirloom clothing is steeped in tradition and history, the family company regularly introduces innovations in design and style that offer today’s parents beautiful yet classic special occasion garments, from take-home outfits to holiday attire. Now, in celebrating such an impressive milestone, the company has introduced a special 100 Year Collection, honoring its value and traditional style. Take a look at all the new offerings here.

2016-07-08 11_55_26-FB 100 Year Collection - Word

A few pieces from the special edition 100 Year collection.

Feltman Brothers is also introducing its very first limited edition collector’s doll, to be released in March. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, the dolls garments maintain the same integrity as the well-known children’s apparel. The doll wholesales for $79 and comes in two versions, both dressed in delicate Feltman frocks. And, of course, every little girl will have the opportunity to match her new doll to her own Feltman outfit. For more details on the dolls and matching apparel, click here.

2016-07-08 11_56_45-FB 100 Year Collection - Word

Girls can match their dolls with special coordinating outfits.

Please contact info@feltmanbrothers.com for additional information and orders.


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