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The Best New Brands for August 2015

Spotlight on Spain, and Extra-soft and sensible styles for spring.

Spanish Conquest

Spain is known for many things—sangria, tapas and flamenco, to name a few—but get ready to add another item to the list: childrenswear. Spanish apparel for little ones is having a major moment in the U.S., thanks to a tempting combination of original style and exceptional quality.

“Most U.S. retailers are looking to offer distinctive brands that set them apart from the competition. Spanish brands are poised to fit that need due to their European heritage, craftsmanship, quality and innovative materials,” explains Elena Sotorrío, executive sales manager of distribution company Sisters B2B, which specializes in assisting Spanish firms with U.S. expansion. As she puts it, the country’s “combination of a centuries-old rich history with expertise in clothing manufacturing” is an appealing mix for many shoppers, as proven by the growing desire for Spanish brands, particularly in Texas, New York, Florida and California.

As for why so many brands from Barcelona and Seville are making their way to the states, Mikel Orbe, director of the interiors and fashion department for the Trade Commission of Spain in New York, notes, “Exports within the European Union are already strong, so Spanish firms are looking for other markets.” And how will Spanish brands stand out among the many labels populating the American market? “Spanish design is very creative, with geometrical shapes, bright colors and quality fabrics and materials,” Orbe emphasizes. “Spanish brands are strongly focused on design and innovation and the quality of the textiles is outstanding.”

Lores Segura, director of ASEPRI, the Spanish Association of Children’s Products Manufacturers, points out, “One of the features that makes childrenswear from Spain very attractive for the American market is its excellent value.” She adds, “The perception by the American public of Spanish fashion is very positive—think Zara and Mango—and there’s a demand for products made in Spain.”

Want to add some Spanish flavor to your assortment? Read on for the newest brands poised to take over store shelves.

Extra-soft and sensible styles debut for spring.


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