Attachment Issues

Scarlett+Michel’s detachable bibs save parents time and hassle.

When New Yorkers Scarlett Ruiz and her husband Michel became parents, they came to realize that time was a luxury they couldn’t afford to lose. One of their daily struggles included battling their baby daughter to keep a traditional bib around her neck. “We quickly found out that babies don’t like wearing bibs,” Scarlett says with a laugh. “And since our daughter spit up milk a lot (as many babies do), we found ourselves spending too much time changing her clothes.”

Noticing a void in the market for functional bibs and accessories that weren’t restrictive, the couple launched Scarlett+Michel, a line of organic cotton baby clothing with attachable bibs that won’t irritate Baby’s neck. Available in sizes newborn to 24 months, the brand is launching a limited holiday collection featuring prints based off a soft gray palette, in addition to its full collection slated for Spring ’19. 

“This concept of having the bib and accessories attach to soft, easy-to-wear designs keeps babies clean, fuss-free and comfortable,” Scarlett says of the patent-pending design. “Not to mention the parents are less likely to be dealing with lost or misplaced accessories.” Scarlett adds that retailers who have viewed the collection have been impressed by the innovative design. 

Every item in the line—spanning pajamas, bodysuits, rompers, snowsuits, dresses and shirts—is sold with an attachable bib. Hats and pacifier straps, sold separately, are additional attachable options. The line wholesales from $7 to $30 for apparel and $5 to $7 for accessories. For more information, visit ScarlettAndMichel.com or contact info@scarlettandmichel.com.


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