Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can’t find Earnshaw’s on the newsstand. Where can I get a copy? Earnshaw’s is a trade magazine and is not available on newsstands. Subscriptions are free to qualified retailers, manufacturers and other members of the children’s industry. Click here to subscribe to the magazine. Please allow six weeks for your first issue to arrive. Click here to subscribe to our weekly e-blasts.

Q. Can I order back issues of Earnshaw’s?
 You may order a limited number of issues at a cost of $10 each. Notify Office Manager Allison Kastner at, and she will contact you for details.

Q. Can I receive a PDF of an article that appeared in Earnshaw’s? Can I reprint it on my website or make copies? You may request a PDF of an Earnshaw’s article by emailing your advertising representative. Please allow up to two weeks for a copy. You have permission to reproduce the article for you website or promotional materials with proper credit to Earnshaw’s. If using online, please provide a link to the article on our website.

Q. Can I post a photo that appeared in Earnshaw’s on my social media feeds? Yes, but please be sure to credit Earnshaw’s using the proper handles (Twitter: @earnshaws, Instagram: @earnshawsmagazine).

Q. Can I get photos that appear in Earnshaw’s fashion pages?
 Our professional photographers retain the rights for other uses of the photographs that appear in Earnshaw’s. You may email creative director Nancy Campbell at for contact information for a specific photographer.

Q. How can I get a listing on Earnshaw’s calendar?
 Fill out the submission form on our Market Calendar page. Please allow up to two weeks for a listing to appear.

Q. Does advertising in Earnshaw’s ensure editorial coverage? Earnshaw’s is able to provide the magazine and online services through revenue generated from advertising. We appreciate and support our advertisers. However, an advertisement is not a guarantee for editorial coverage. Earnshaw’s has earned its reputation as the leading trade publication for over 99 years by providing balanced, unbiased coverage of the children’s fashion, juvenile product and gift industries. We hope that manufacturers understand that paid advertising and editorial are two distinct forms of communication. Retailers rely on Earnshaw’s for the breadth of coverage we provide. Our editorial philosophy makes advertising in our pages valuable and credible to our readers.

Q. What format do product images need to be for editorial consideration? For printing, images must be hi-res (300 dpi, 500 KB JPG or TIFF, at least four inches wide).

Q. Should I send product samples?
 Do not send product samples unless asked by an Earnshaw’s editor. If product has been requested and you need confirmation that it arrived, please include a return receipt request via the post office or shipping service.

Q. What is Earnshaw’s product policy? You should always let us know if you need a sample returned and include freight-return shipping label or pre-paid shipping information. If a product is not requested to be returned, Earnshaw’s may donate items to industry charities. We assume no liability for damaged or non-returned merchandise. If we receive unsolicited merchandise, it will not be returned.

Q. Can I submit my company for Earnie Award consideration?
 Earnie Award nominations and winners are selected only by the nomination and voting process, which begins in May of every year. For more information, please visit

Q. To whom do I report Earnshaw’s magazine subscription problems? Direct any questions regarding change of address, stop delivery or missed issues to

Q. Why do I no longer receive Earnshaw’s? In order to continue your subscription, you must re-subscribe each year. Click here to re-subscribe to the magazine. Please allow six weeks for your first issue to arrive.

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