Better Together

Women-owned businesses prove collaboration is the new black.

“Whenever I organize events, I make sure to include all ages, races and ethnicities of women. I believe we can all learn something from each other.”

– Arlinda McIntosh, owner of Sofistafunk

“Be Girl Clothing sponsored a charity event, bringing families together to tie teal ribbons around our community for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Next year, I hope to spread the message further by donating ribbons to the brand’s followers, so they can do the same in their home towns.”

– Alison Buirley, owner and designer of Be Girl Clothing/Blueberry Bay Swim 

“I held a pop-up shop last September where I shared with a customer’s 7-year-old daughter how I got started in fashion—dressing dolls like she was! It brought me so much joy to see her eyes light up. I even mailed her some of my extra fabrics. Everyone should do their part to spark young girls’ dreams!”

– Carmen Fredrick, owner of Montana Milan

“Polliwogs loves hosting ‘girls night out’ parties, often for local fundraisers. It’s so fun to see the different groups of women come together after regular store hours and just relax. I’ve also been supporting more brands that use their platform to empower and support young girls.”

 – Margaret White, owner of Polliwogs

“I held a women’s tea party fundraiser to support advancements in ovarian and uterine cancer testing.”

Rosie Burno, owner of Dainty Girl Accessories

“I’m one of Hawaii’s 2020 Women Who Mean Business honorees, sponsored by Pacific Business News.This honors my mentoring of young female business owners. I have previously partnered with Hawaii’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization to educate young female interns who are interested in fashion, exporting and business. I’ve worked with young women from when they were 16 years old until now—over 15 years later!”

– Cora Spearman, CEO of Coradorables


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