What Inventory Features Should You Look for in POS Software?

If you’re looking to upgrade your system, consider these user-friendly aspects offered by Springboard Retail.

In an age of instant e-commerce gratification, retailers are left with a very small margin for error. Consumers demand inventory visibility in real time across all channels for seamless shopping, which means having the right point of sale (POS) software is key. Springboard Retail’s omnichannel commerce platform features inventory management, unparalleled custom reporting, open application program interface (API) and portability across platforms and devices. The software is easy to use, fast and revered by customers for making their jobs easier, more efficient and profitable. If you’re looking to upgrade your POS system to ensure a seamless customer shopping experience, consider these user-friendly aspects offered by Springboard Retail.

1. Custom Fields: To prepare for buys, track performance and strategize in the moment and for the future, retailers need to be able to report on data that’s applicable to their products. For instance, if you’re selling toys, “category” will be relevant but “size” will (most likely) not be. Springboard Retail enables users to customize fields, which allows you to publish and track data essential to your business and weed out anything irrelevant.

2. Custom Reports: Custom inventory reports give you the ability to sort, filter and group the data you collect with ease and accuracy. If you’re limited to “canned” reports, you’ll miss out on opportunities to see data in ways that are most relevant to your business. Springboard Retail’s POS software runs reports to compare performance for any given date or range—including real time! The program allows you to save reports to the cloud for easy access, share the URL with others and download the information as Excel or PDF files.

3. Real-Time Omnichannel Functionality & Visibility: If you’re selling or storing inventory in multiple locations, be it an e-commerce site, warehouse or multiple storefronts, real-time inventory visibility is critical. Springboard Retail’s POS software is the point of truth for all inventory data. For example, as products are shipped, purchased or returned, the system automatically updates across all channels to eliminate the chance of overselling or other fulfillment errors. You see exactly how much is on hand, or on order, at any channel across your enterprise. The software additionally transfers inventory seamlessly between channels and fill orders from wherever you have the stock. This ensures a smooth customer experience, even if the customer bought the product online or from another location.

4. Partial & Full Inventory Counts: While the frequency of full inventory counts can vary greatly depending on size of your store, seasonality and staffing, performing one full physical inventory every three to six months (at least) is recommended. Quicker and more manageable partial cycle counts should be done weekly, or as soon as a discrepancy arises. Springboard Retail’s POS software allows you to freeze a store’s inventory to perform a physical inventory check of a location and provide a list of discrepancies to address post-count.

To learn more about Springboard Retails POS software capabilities and benefits, visit springboardretail.com/earnshaws. Subscribers can save 20 percent on a subscription!


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