Play for Change

Adventerra Games’ cooperative board games teach kids how to save the planet.

Power Up: Powerhaus

Players invest in home improvements and appliances to make their shared house more efficient. The player who makes the best choices for their wallet and the world wins. Kids as young as 7 can play, but it’s especially fun for 10 to 14 year olds.

Go Green: Recycle Rally

Driving recycling trucks around town, players maximize their score by collecting materials. If too many recyclables are left behind, useful materials are incinerated, and the whole town is in trouble. Ages 7+ (Plus advanced rules that are a fun challenge for ages 10+!)

Make a Splash: Watergame

Kids learn the value of clean water in this cooperative game. Unlucky players rely on the community water jug, which requires donations from lucky players. If the jug is empty when someone needs it, everyone loses—so teamwork is essential! Ages 7+

Stay Cool: Global Warning

Players work together to clean up the earth and slow climate change, while the temperature rises with each turn. Ages 10+ (Great for teens and adults!)


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