Creating the Perfect Mix

This baby/toddler issue is all about creating the perfect mix of storytelling…

Every business owner knows that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to customers’ tastes, needs and purchasing decisions. An ideal mix of merchandise not only speaks to to the product categories but also to a variety of brands; it’s key to stock the tried-and-true while leaving space in your budget and on your racks and shelves for novel vendors.

This baby/toddler issue is all about creating the perfect mix of storytelling—of veterans with decades of experience and the introduction of newer companies that we found at trade shows, on social media platforms and through our exceptional and hardworking network of childrenswear sales reps.

We kick things off with our ocean-themed “On Trend” for a swimmingly fun smorgasboard of brands. Then we delve into our features with a Q&A with Managing Director François Vachon on his 37-year-old family business, Creations Robo, and how he has found skillful ways to expand and improve. We also profile the creatives behind 45-year-old accessory company Wee Ones, Gina Faust and Senior Product Designer Marcella Ahearn; they continue to bring novelty to hair bows season after season and year after year.

When it comes to fresh faces, there are many in this issue: from 3-in-1 bassinets to DIY perfume kids and bedding to bottle bags. Check out the round up of companies with distinct products and unique approaches in feature story “Newer Kids on the Block” as well as Australian newcomer Confetti Blue in the spotlight in “Final Cut.”

Finally, you will want to feast your eyes on our stunning fashion, “The Age of Innocence.” Bathed in pristine white, our baby and toddler models are the epitome of newness. It’s a creative challenge each issue for our team to conceptualize and execute the season’s looks and they certainly did it again.

We hope that this issue has something for every one of our readers. If you’re a retailer or sales rep and you’ve discovered a new brand you think we should highlight, please drop me a line at Michele.Silver@wainscotmedia.com. As we go to press, we are receiving the votes for this year’s Earnie Award recipients; perhaps this is your year! Good luck to all the nominees and we will see 22 of you in the winner’s circle.


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