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Wild and Free

Desaturated hues, flora and fauna prints, and gender-neutral outerwear make up this beautiful collection.

Chloe Hall

≈’s Velvet Fawn line combines comfort with a nature-inspired sweetness. The Parsons School of Design Alum launched the brand of cute and cozy sleepwear in 2018. “I remember looking at the magazines I would buy on my lunch break from a book store across the street from Bryant Park. I dreamed of one day having my own fashion line while looking at those magazines. Fast forward 11 years, and I designed a few pieces that sold out quickly. It was then I realized the 17-year-old girl sitting on a park bench looking at that magazine made her dream into a reality.” she recounts. Velvet Fawn has evolved in just two short years and four seasons, offering a full line of playwear, sleepwear, bedding, and accessories. For Fall ’21, the brand highlights muted tones along with realistic outdoor-inspired artwork and prints.

How has your business fared during the pandemic?

Before March of 2020, we had explosive growth. When the pandemic hit, and doors were closed, we decided to pivot and take the showroom virtual. We wrote our entire Spring/Summer 2020 collection virtually. I thought of something called “Showroom To You.” This was a box that we would ship to new and existing retailers with samples of each cut/style and swatch books of all the prints and fabrics. It was popular, but it was not the same as market shows. What we missed most was interacting with our retailers on a personal level. There is something about a buyer visiting the market, seeing the collections, touching them, and envisioning them in their store. In January, we rejoined Dallas Market Center. During the January KidsWorld show, we added numerous new retailers to our Velvet Fawn family. After only four seasons, we have almost 150 authorized retailers and counting.

Who’s the Velvet Fawn customer?

The Velvet Fawn customer is a parent or caretaker that finds joy in the small and simple things—a day in the park, going to the zoo, a day at the beach, a picnic overlooking a picturesque landscape, or just a lazy day of play at home! Many people would say I am in the clothing business, but the truth is I am in the memory-making business. I have young children, and every day I blink, another year goes by. They will only be little for so long. I want my pieces to be a part of precious and joyful memories that children give us that last a lifetime.

What sets Velvet Fawn’s designs apart from the competition?

One thing that our buyers love is our life-like prints and designs. I spend hours upon hours meticulously picking fabrics, colors and designing artwork. What I am doing during those hours is dreaming up a story in my head. Questions I may ask myself are, “What will this collection be named?” “What story do I want it to tell?” Questions like this allow me to design a collection that will guide a retailer to tell a story of their own by showcasing the collection simply by hanging it on a rack. It also allows the customers to share their journeys with us! From birth announcements, birthdays, adoptions, and more, each piece has one goal in mind: bring a smile to a parent, caretaker, or child when they wear Velvet Fawn pieces.

What trends have you been focusing on lately?

Most of my artwork is watercolor. However, I have been drawn recently to simplicity with my prints and color block. There is something about “less is more” when it comes to design. I find myself at the design table removing more things than adding lately. Another trend that I had a lot of fun designing for the Fall/Winter 2021 collection “Into The Wild” was outerwear. Our new Aspen Vest and knit sweaters have been very popular with our retailers.

What do you see in Velvet Fawn’s future?

One of our next moves is to find more space! We have moved our warehouse and headquarters twice in two years due to growth. The next thing I see in Velvet Fawn’s future is hiring more staff. Right now, our team is burning the midnight oil! In addition, there are a few new things in the works for Velvet Fawn’s upcoming collections! Added silhouettes, fabrics, and a few new accessories will make their debut soon!


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