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Designer Chat: Casey Henson – Bedhead Pajamas

A chat with Casey Henson, designer at Bedhead Pajamas.

Casey Henson discovered early in her career as a designer that her bread and butter lay in fashion illustration and print design. In 2015, when she met Renee Bertrand, owner and founder of Bedhead Pajamas, Henson knew there was an immediate connection. “Renee had been making prints by purchasing artwork and cutting and pasting them together,” Henson says. “Because I’m an artist and can do graphic design, I would be able to develop prints in themes Renee envisioned that were more elaborate and unique to Bedhead.”

After three years, Henson has transitioned her whimsical feminine style developed during her time in the intimates and cosmetics markets to the uninhibited approach Bedhead favors. “Pajamas aren’t supposed to be serious,” she says. “When someone has been dressed up all day, they want to relax and express themselves in something they love.” Henson tells a story with every print, whether it’s a trip to Paris or a quirky dog wearing a monocle. Comfort is equally important—each design is printed on high-quality cotton in wovens and knits.

For Spring ’19, designs follow a “new year, new me” concept with watercolor fruits and vegetables as well as a “namaste” print with various yoga poses to encourage wellness. “We also have repeating themes we reinvent every season,” Henson says of its colorful florals, animals and travel themes. Spring will also see a shirt-and-shorts variation of Bedhead’s classic notch-collar long-sleeve set along with a capri pant option and a few new gowns.

Henson attributes part of Bedhead’s success to designing for the whole family. “My daughter always wants to do things like I do and loves when we match,” she says. Judging from the notoriety the brand has gained—including stars like Mindy Kaling and featured on shows like “This is Us”—Henson and Bertrand are clicking nicely and there’s plenty more in the offering ahead. In the meantime, it remains a labor of love: “Kids tell us we’re their favorite pair of pajamas, and they want to wear them every night,” Henson says. “It’s not only something they love, it’s the perfect gift for people parents love.” —Aleda Johnson

How’s business? We’ve been doing really well. We’re expanding our business with specialty stores, and we’ve been receiving great feedback from customers. The key is to tweak things and adjust to what they’re looking for so we have a product that will always fit well and feel like a warm hug at the end of a day.

Who is the quintessential Bedhead customer? The Bedhead customer appreciates that quirkiness and has an eye for qualityand high-end fabrics. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

What have you learned designing for children? Children are so uninhibited and their imaginations are so vast, so when a child sees a print they know right away that it’s for them. All of our prints are something they can relate to, such as a dog or a cat that looks like their own pet. Bright and fun color palettes are also a must.

How active is the brand on social media? Very. It’s so important these days when building a brand and communicating with customers. We really listen to what they say and react accordingly. Social media is also fun to see because we’re a favorite amongst several celebrities. We keep a book of where we’ve spotted Bedhead on TV shows and famous Instagram accounts. They often tag us, which is great for the brand.

Where do you see Bedhead in five years? I would really love to expand into new fabrications and silhouettes to offer more variety for the whole family. We have our online store and a flagship in Los Angeles, and it would be great to open a store on the East Coast.


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