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Tristin & Tyler

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Tristin & Tyler
On Tyler (left): Desigual jacket; shark print tee, pants and hat by Mini & Maximus.On Tristin (right): The …

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Tristin & Tyler

On Tyler (left): Desigual jacket; shark print tee, pants and hat by Mini & Maximus.On Tristin (right): The Proper T Project shoelace tee; Munster Kids hoodie, jeans and cap; K-Swiss sneakers.

Tristin & Tyler


Stars of the web series Tristin and Tyler Tales from the City carved out time in their jam- packed schedules—which includes craft time and saving the planet—to stop by the Earnshaw’s fashion closet and prove that twins can indeed have individual style. The guest styl- ists congratulated one another on a job well done with a five-step handshake that only twins could master.

On weekends the brothers catch up with city dwellers to learn tips of the trade. From recy- cling old items into new treasures with Brooklyn furniture makers to whipping up healthy snacks with chef Giada De Laurentiis, the mini movers and shakers share their adventures online and inspire kids to get out and learn about ways to improve the planet. Here, they share advice on everything from shopping to recycling.

—Angela Velasquez

You’ve interviewed so many cool people. Who was your favorite person you met?
Tristin: My favorite was when we interviewed Sarah from Swell Bottle. She was really nice and I like that she is trying to save the Earth by get- ting rid of plastic bottles.

Tyler: My favorite was Carmelo Anthony because I love playing basketball. It’s such a cool sport. I am a big fan of his.

What is a fun eco-friendly thing for kids to do in the city?
Tristin: Instead of going in a car, you can ride a bike and not put pollution in the air.

Tyler: Donate old clothes to people who need them.

What tip do you have for kids who want to help save the Earth?
Tristin: Don’t throw out things that can be recycled in the trash. Find a recycle bin.

Tyler: Stop using plastic bags.

You guys are super-stylish. How do you describe your style?
Tristin: Bright and crazy. I don’t like to match.

Tyler: One-of-a-kind.

Which brand has the coolest threads?
Tristin: The Gap because they have nice style and I love their sweaters and jeans.

Tyler: I love Munster Kids and Rocawear. They both have cool stuff.

What is your favorite item in your closet?
Tristin: My green jeans from H&M because I like bright splashy colors.

Tyler: I have a T-shirt from The Children’s Place that has a burger with eyeballs, guts and worms coming out of it. It’s gross, but awesome!

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