OneCoast Expands Dallas Showroom for 2020

OneCoast, a nationwide sales and marketing services company, is expanding its Dallas showroom to include an additional 8,000 square feet of space.

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Fur of the Moment

Combing through the latest wooly, shaggy and fluffy outerwear offerings for this fall.

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2020 Vision

It’s a time of reflection mixed with nervous anticipation.

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What’s Selling: Skipper & Scout – Vail, CO

Vail might be a world-class skiing destination, but its well-heeled tourist crowd is as eager to shop the stores as slalom down the slopes.

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Redefining Retail

Retailers are reinventing themselves in increasingly creative and thoughtful ways, with an eye on service and social/environmental good.

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The Strategist

Vicki Davis, co-owner of The Children’s Shop in Atlanta, on what, when and how she buys to keep customers satisfied for more than 30 years.

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A Jackie of All Trades

Rosie Burno, owner and designer of Dainty Girl Accessories, dishes on retailing, designing and keeping up with ever-evolving trends.

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Focus Group

Fifth graders in New York City share their winter fashion faves.

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True Blue

Classic Blue is the color of the year for 2020, according to Pantone.

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The Goo Stuff

Seven slimes to stock in 2020.

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Couture Kids Launches Plushies with Celebrity Alpacas

Couture Kids Robertson’s exclusive capsule of Fable & Whisper plushies is made from 98 percent alpaca wool and retails for $42.

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Timely Industry Information & Inspiration

Snap36 Offers 360° Photo Capabilities

January 23, 2020

“When a consumer visits a site using Snap36, that customer is in charge.”

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IMC Launches Digital Innovation Division

The new division will offer vendors an integrated platform to reach new buyers, capture leads and grow sales.

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Shade Critters Launches Girls’ Fashion Line

Swimwear company Shade Critters is expanding from the water to the wardrobe with a new standalone fashion line to sell year-round.

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Gen Z Furthers the Sustainability Movement

More shopping decisions will be made based on sustainable retail practices than with prior generations.        

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Editor’s Pick: Boo Boo Balls

January 16, 2020

The new line of soft toys eases little ones’ anxieties with more than a soft hug.

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YouTuber Emily Arrow Releases Ukulele Book for Kids

See her perform at Toy Fair next month!

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Melange Collection Expands with Children’s Clothing

The global design company, known for handmade wares, is offering more kids’ apparel for Spring ’20.

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Keen Donates to Australia Wildfire Relief Efforts

The company is offering a portion of its sales, as well as work boots and ‘marsupial pouches’ to comfort animals in need.

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Douglas Company Goes Green

January 9, 2020

All products will be filled with recycled materials by the end of 2020!

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eBay Reflects on Top Consumer Trends

The marketplace’s retrospective unveils retail milestones from Y2K to now.

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