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A talk with Christina Maurizi, owner, La Di Da Children’s Boutique in Columbia, MO.

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Owner Christina Maurizi loves bonding with fellow moms.

Owner Christina Maurizi loves bonding with fellow moms.

As a mom to six kids, including three foster girls with developmental disabilities, Christina Maurizi wanted to launch a business she could run with her family in mind. It wasn’t until her youngest was born that she fell in love with boutique clothing, inspiring her to open her own kids’ shop. La Di Da Children’s Boutique debuted in Columbia, MO, in August 2015. “This is so much more than a business,” says Maurizi. “I absolutely love connecting with other moms and gushing over our children.”

The store’s woodland aesthetic—including a shoe display that resembles a birch tree—evolved from an inspired bit of problem-solving. “I had a big pole in the store and I was trying to think of something to build that would be purposeful and friendly,” she explains. “So we made it into a tree and put up a picket fence.”

The boutique carries over 30 children’s brands, including its own house line La Di Da. “We made our own line of essential basics that can be layered under our favorite brands,” she describes. “At a price of $30 a set, they are very popular and will help little ones get into their new spring dresses a bit earlier without being cold.”

Upon arrival, each little customer is handed a snack and juice before watching a movie of their choice while parents sip tea and shop. “We treat our La Di Da kids like royalty,” Maurizi says. “And many of the mothers and grandmothers who shop here become not just clients but our friends.” 

“Our own local bow artist Cutie Bowtutie has so many outstanding custom-made pieces,” says Maurizi. The bows are even custom dip-dyed to match La Di Da’s inventory.

“Lemon Loves Lime layette sells out every month for us!”

One of the store’s bestseller for boys? “See Kai Run shoes keep the boys coming back for more!”

“We recently found a manufacturer for our store brand La Di Da,” she says. “It just hit the shelves and will soon be available online.”

“The Lux toy is a big draw for boys,” says Maurizi of the popular building system that includes a patent-pending lock and hinge—ideal for creating flexible structures. “And it’s made in the U.S.”

“We are excited to have ‘Lil Fairy Door in-store for 2016,” she says of the tiny doors that can be put on walls, shelves or even outside—with the whimsical notion of welcoming fairies. “Made by a mom in Australia, the YouTube video says it all—they are adorable!”

Three Loves Designs’ chunky necklaces are made in Maurizi’s community, using fun beads in bright hues—she describes them as “oh-so-cute!”

Mini Melissa shoes are the shop’s No. 1 bestseller for girls. “The cat shoes are a big hit!”

“We love dressing girls, but it’s not just about the aesthetics,” she explains. “We also want our girls to be well-educated so we carry GoldieBlox, an engineering toy for girls.”

A personal favorite? Persnickety, says Maurizi. “It’s hard leaving it in the store, and not taking it all home!”

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