European Fashion Doll Brand I’M A GIRLY Makes Its U.S. Debut

I’M A GIRLY, a new line of collectible fashion dolls focused on empowering young girls and boys to play creatively and help to find their own style, has launched in the U.S. following its incredible success in Europe and in Canada. Consumers will find three collections available, including a selection of 18-inch I’M A GIRLY fashion dolls complete with a wide variety of interchangeable wigs, I’M A WOW, a line of 14-inch stylish dolls that feature color-changing hair and color-changing clothes and I’M A STYLIST, a line of trendy styling heads.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Theresia Le Battistini, the U.S. launch follows the success of the brand internationally where it has quickly become a favorite of boys and girls throughout Europe and Canada. As a mom herself, Battistini wanted to develop a line of fashionable dolls that were designed in natural proportions and with varying skin tones to encourage inclusion as well as creative play.

A significant point of differentiation for I’M A GIRLY is that all dolls are co-designed by the brand’s own kid design team KIDS4KIDS. This design panel consists of 8 to 14-year-old boys and girls, each of whom offers insight and guidance on how products should look as well as providing the latest in fashion and styling trends. The result is a line of fashion dolls that are contemporary, stylish and features more than 150 accessories, allowing for the ultimate in customization.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be launching in the United States,” says Battistini. “We are confident that young girls and boys throughout North America will find our fashion dolls appealing and will certainly be attracted to the opportunity to personalize hair color as well receiving a changeable wardrobe and full set of accessories,” she adds.

The collections currently available on Amazon.com and/or Target.com include:

I’M A GIRLY 18-inch fashion dolls made of 100% high-quality vinyl and featuring interchangeable wigs in a variety of colors and a selection of trendy accessories. Another unique feature is the dolls hair is made with first-class Kanekalon, the same material used in the production of adult wigs. This makes styling and combing easy, as well as allowing, for the first time ever, the ability to cut the doll’s hair and exchange the wig.

I’M A WOW is a collection of three (3) 14-inch dolls with color-changing hair and color-changing clothes. When touched by sunlight, the doll’s hair instantly changes color, another industry first and a feature sure to win over young boys and girls.

Finally, I’M A STYLIST is a line of fashionable styling heads and features interchangeable wigs made of high-quality, synthetic fibers making it easy to style. Each I’M A STYLIST includes self-adhesive face gems, hair accessories, and a removeable, washable top. Two of the styling head versions even come with magnetic eyelashes and earrings.

To support the environment in a meaningful way, the product lines feature recyclable packaging that can also be used to store the doll or for crafting.

“As a mother I was finding that all these fashion dolls look alike and I wanted to revolutionize the industry with the development of a line that was creative, innovative and had features and benefits not currently available on the market,” notes Battistini. “With these new collections, strong and independent boys and girls can have fun experimenting with fashion and styling,” she adds.

The U.S. launch is part of a global expansion of the brand since it was first introduced in Switzerland in 2017.

I’M A GIRLY, I’M A WOW and I’M A STYLIST are for boys and girls age 3-14.

I’M A GIRLY 18-inch fashion dolls are now available on Amazon.com and will be available on Target.com in December for $79.99. I’M A WOW 14-inch dolls are available on Target.com for $39.99 each. I’M A STYLIST styling heads are available now on Amazon.com and will be available on Target.com in December starting from $49.99 to $89.99.

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In 2016, the young Swiss company Finfin AG created the brand I’M A GIRLY with the mission to create ‘sustainability with style’ and empower the creative youth. Their fashion dolls and styling heads encourage children to play creatively and help them to find their very own style. Finfin AG understands itself as a company with a social and ecological responsibility and therefore produces everything with high-quality and tested materials – Swiss design and Swiss quality standards. Co-created by the KIDS4KIDS design team, the brand fits the spirit of the times, because children know best what they want.

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