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The Quarantine Diaries, Ep. 1

Shelly Ann Winokur, founder of Kiss Kiss Goodnight, writes about her new normal amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear Diary,

While it’s hard not to think about the weeks and months ahead, I’m trying to stay positive instead of dwelling on what ‘could’ happen.

I prefer to view this quarantine period as much-needed quality time with my family. Looking back, I was honestly starting to get overwhelmed with our routine—waking up exhausted, pushing through the entire day only to be met with after-school activities, homework, rushed dinners and over-exhausted kids.

This has also proven to be a good time to declutter our home. We’ve been cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting rid of everything that ‘does not bring joy’ (a reference to Tidying Up with Marie Condo—a Netflix suggestion for you, if it hasn’t already crossed your screen.)

I’ve always wondered if we could’ve managed homeschooling. Well, being forced to give it a go now, turns out it’s way harder than I ever imagined! My 11-year-old daughter sits uncomplaining for several hours, completing her work independently. But my nine-year-old son is more likely to start a battle over completing even the simplest assignment. My kindergartener is happy to work, but always needs my assistance. As for my baby, I’m honestly enjoying her innocence during this time. She has no idea what’s going on and vicariously living through her bliss is exactly what we all need right now.

The early spring weather has certainly been beneficial for getting us out as a family for runs and walks. Family baseball is next on our list of outdoor activities to try! The most popular indoor activity has been reading. The kids often read independently but will even read out loud together! I’m also into a book right now, and it’s not an audiobook. Reading real pages, what a concept!

We’ve been trying to reserve TV time for the end of the day. Family movie night is basically every night now, often relying on Disney+ for amazing content that everyone can enjoy. I must admit, Frozen 2 gets better every time I see it…

As for meals, they are always at home (obviously) as a family. We typically enjoy a big lunch and a smaller dinner. Breaking out new recipes that require simple ingredients but more time has been fun. Homemade bagels, anyone?

To keep up with my work schedule, I typically wake up around 5 a.m. and get things done before the kids wake up. I’m wrapping up the development of a few new products for Kiss Kiss Goodnight. My husband has also been helpful in taking care of the kids. The night owl, he tends to stay up late to get some quiet time to work.

For now, the uncertainty of this time weighs more on me than last week’s full routine. All I can say is I’m hopeful the summer will bring all the joy it usually does.




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