Q&A with Staci and Melissa from Elfin Los Angeles

elfin los angeles founders Staci and Melissa talk below about how a chic ‘mommy and me’ kidswear brand plans to stay in business and help others do the same!

As the pandemic continues, small businesses are getting more creative in their approach to stay relevant and survive. From increased safety precautions for brick-and-mortar stores to a stronger focus on digital and social media marketing, there are several actions being taken as we all try our best to make it through COVID-19.

elfin los angeles founders Staci and Melissa talk below about how a chic ‘mommy and me’ kidswear brand plans to stay in business and help others do the same!

How has elfin los angeles been impacted by COVID-19?

First off, we had to halt all of our in-store events, which was hard. When we opened our brick and mortar,
we envisioned a community space with so many amazing events in the works! Next, we had to switch up our buying. People weren’t out looking for fancy dresses or cool leather jackets. We searched high and low for unique, high quality basics that kids would want
to wear around the house and to run outside in. Now we have the perfect mix of fashion and function – with a whole lot of comfort!

What are the biggest struggles you’ve experienced since the pandemic hit?

Opening and closing our brick and mortar. We opened a few months before, and things were going great. We
then had to close, then reopen, and then close again. Now, we’re taking appointments during the week and are open only one day a week, with a 5 person capacity.

Why is it important to you to sell products from small businesses?

We know first- hand the behind the scenes of running a small business. Every sale is a victory, every off-day
hits deep. When we first launched, it was all about getting the biggest kids brands in the store. Now, it’s more about scouring the globe for the coolest, most unique brands out there. Bonus if it’s mama-owned!

What was your first move after the pandemic hit and how have you continued to change and adapt since the pandemic started?

When we first launched, we were hosting a ton of events in our space. Naturally our first move was to put
a pause on those. We then sent out a thoughtful letter to update our subscribers on this decision. Since the pandemic, we’ve been able to adapt our event calendar to host smaller, more intimate events – masked, and socially-distanced. This has actually given
us a chance to know our customers on a more personal level.

What steps were taken to improve elfin’s digital presence?

Once COVID hit, we realized we needed to ramp up our online presence. We started sending 4 emails a week,
rather than 1-2. We created Facebook and Instagram ads to target new customers, especially since we knew people were at home more. Lastly, we utilized Instagram much more! We shared stories of what we were doing at home with our kids to let mamas know they
were not alone! From bead-making to tantrums, we shared it all because in reality, each and every one of us is in this together.

How do you think the pandemic will affect fashion and shopping in the future?

Obviously, online shopping is a huge market, and it will continue to become more popular because of the
pandemic. We believe people will be weary of going out and shopping in crowded malls for the foreseeable future. That said, we think that small shops will prevail in this time. We are hopeful that people see how much small businesses have struggled due to
COVID, and hope that because of this, they choose to shop small.

What is in store for elfin los angeles in 2021?

We’re launching our own line of dresses which are equal parts fashionable and functional. They’re adorable,
too! We hope that once we have the green light, we can resume all of the fun in-store events we had planned in 2020.

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