March 2017

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  • School of Thought: Back-to-school is an opportunity to connect with customers, introduce inventory and bump up bottom lines.
  • Viva Vida: Footwear company vida KIDS has a clear strategy when first meeting with a prospective licensee: “Both sides need to be humble.”
  • Groove: Westport, Connecticut: Meet Groove: a one-stop shop of apparel and gifts for teens, kids and even babies.
  • Foot Notes: Chief Operating Officer Michael M. Langfitt plots Trimfoot’s growth.
  • Loud & Clear: European Trend Report Fall ’17: You won’t find a dull moment in next season’s fall fashion repertoire
  • Back-to-School Buys: The ultimate guide to the cool kid’s mind.
  • Back to Class: Looking back on my childhood, as much as I adored the summer months, I loved the back-to-school season even more.

February 2017

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  • Step by Step: “Just do the next right thing”
  • The Short View: Children’s specialty stores share their short-term strategies.
  • Color Story: Tara Suarez, designer at Iscream, shares her rainbow of expertise.
  • Five Little Monkeys: San Francisco Bay Area: A chat with Stephanie Sala, owner of Five Little Monkeys, a San Francisco Bay Area toy retailer.
  • Kindred Spirits: Joy Cha and William Banti, owners of Lemon Loves Lime, share the foundation for their strong business is their even stronger relationship.
  • Proven Winners: Designers focus on versatile and dependable styles to meet the demands of increasingly cost-conscious parents.
  • Flight Club: There’s no question the pilot-inspired look is jetting into children’s with an explosion of color and textural appeal.
  • Foot Loose: Kick up your heels this fall with an array of funky designs and a pumped-up spectrum of color.

January 2017

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  • Child’s Play: Eccentric fashion designer Betsey Johnson discovers the fountain of youth.
  • Free Spirit: How a movie inspired our January 2017 fashion photo shoot.
  • Inside Out: Outerwear Retailers and wholesalers navigated another warm year, a presidential election and a jittery consumer.
  • My Little Sunshine: New York, New York: My Little Sunshine: New York, New York After growing up watching her father run a men’s retail business for more than 40 years in New York ...
  • New Year, New Goals: We ask the question: What does the rest of the industry hope to accomplish in 2017?
  • It’s a Girls’!: Boys’ brand Kapital K unveils its first wide-ranging collection for girls.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby!: Chief Executive Officer Yates Hooper illuminates Elegant Baby’s half century of gifting expertise.
  • Go Green: It’s not easy being green—well, until now.
  • Evergreen: Fresh takes on classic outerwear add a contemporary flair.

November/December 2016

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  • Earnie Award Winners 2016: The A-List - We’d like to congratulate this year’s honorees for their standout performance, and we encourage you to read on for the key to their success.
  • On the Bright Side: Platypus Australia celebrates 20 years of swimwear.
  • Election Reflection: We take the temperature of our peers on how Trump’s ideas on trade, taxes, immigration and infrastructure might affect our industry.
  • A Toast to the Winners!: Congratulations to all the 2016 Earnie Award winners.
  • Creative Force: How Biscotti and Kate Mack Founder and Designer Bernadette Reiss caters to fashionable girls.

October 2016

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  • Oh, Baby!: Children’s fashion shows are quite different from their adult counterparts.
  • Maternity Mindset: Pregnant women seek style and versatility.
  • Carry On: Balboa Baby Founder Noel Pepys on baby gear, baby safety and giving back.
  • Gear Up: Stock your shelves with the stylish and innovative baby gear of 2017.
  • New Resources: Spring ’17: Spring ’17 brings head-to-toe coordination in pint-sized posh.
  • Hidden Agenda: Things may not seem as they appear in Spring ’17.
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