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July 2017

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  • Holiday Spice: For holiday ’17, you can’t go wrong with the classics.
  • Fancy That: Fran and Julia Arazi—the mother-daughter duo behind Pastourelle, LLC., maker of namesake special occasion wear—share an optimistic forecast for the dress market, believing firmly that not every day must be a jeans day.
  • Going Seamless: The days of “if you build it, they will come” are no longer.
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Subscription services open up a world of opportunities.
  • Picture Perfect: Donning timeless silhouettes with contemporary charm, children capture the moment through an old-fashioned twist on the modern selfie.
  • Told By Design: Fiveloaves Twofish taps success from classic holiday to custom prints.

June 2017

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April/May 2017

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  • Egg & Friends: Boca Raton, Florida: Hatched nearly 15 years ago out of a small New York apartment, children’s affordable-luxury label Egg by Susan Lazar is now sold in 250 boutiques nationwide...
  • Growth Spurt: New President Marc Simhon expands Bon Bébé.
  • Spinning Le Top: Cutie Pie Baby heightens offering at better prices with latest acquisition.
  • Mission Control: Katherine Gold, CEO of Goldbug, shares details on two new proprietary brands to simplify parents’ lives—continuing the company’s mission for nearly 50 years.
  • Little Treasures: In an uncertain retail climate, the baby market remains vibrant.
  • Designer Chat: Tina Huber: Tina Huber flanked by her children and models. “People who know me know that I’m this mad scientist lunatic,” laughs Tina Huber, owner and founder of ...
  • The Human Touch: Growth is sometimes painful
  • Gentle Men: As gender roles turn gray, Black-and-White clothing remains timeless.
  • Fur Fusion: With fur jackets being a staple item in girlswear for years, designers are always looking to reinvent the cozy-chic craze.
  • Gray Area: Retailers are easing off of the classic pink-and-blue buys for baby to fill the racks with more all-inclusive options.

March 2017

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  • School of Thought: Back-to-school is an opportunity to connect with customers, introduce inventory and bump up bottom lines.
  • Viva Vida: Footwear company vida KIDS has a clear strategy when first meeting with a prospective licensee: “Both sides need to be humble.”
  • Groove: Westport, Connecticut: Meet Groove: a one-stop shop of apparel and gifts for teens, kids and even babies.
  • Foot Notes: Chief Operating Officer Michael M. Langfitt plots Trimfoot’s growth.
  • Loud & Clear: European Trend Report Fall ’17: You won’t find a dull moment in next season’s fall fashion repertoire
  • Back-to-School Buys: The ultimate guide to the cool kid’s mind.
  • Star Crossed: Seeing stars? It’s not just you.
  • Back to Class: Looking back on my childhood, as much as I adored the summer months, I loved the back-to-school season even more.

February 2017

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  • Step by Step: “Just do the next right thing”
  • The Short View: Children’s specialty stores share their short-term strategies.
  • Color Story: Tara Suarez, designer at Iscream, shares her rainbow of expertise.
  • Five Little Monkeys: San Francisco Bay Area: A chat with Stephanie Sala, owner of Five Little Monkeys, a San Francisco Bay Area toy retailer.
  • Kindred Spirits: Joy Cha and William Banti, owners of Lemon Loves Lime, share the foundation for their strong business is their even stronger relationship.
  • Proven Winners: Designers focus on versatile and dependable styles to meet the demands of increasingly cost-conscious parents.
  • Flight Club: There’s no question the pilot-inspired look is jetting into children’s with an explosion of color and textural appeal.
  • Foot Loose: Kick up your heels this fall with an array of funky designs and a pumped-up spectrum of color.
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