Petite Posts

The New Normal

June 30th, 2009

I know Walmart is a bad word to anyone servicing better tiers, but guess what, they’re the ones benefiting from the economy. Moreover, they just …

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Local Economy Booster

June 23rd, 2009

What to do when times are tough? Print your own money, of course. That’s what some cities and towns are doing. Apparently it’s legal, …

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Hot Foot

We’re on the eve of our latest Little Steps footwear magazine collaboration with sister pub Footwear Plus. (Read it at I think this is …

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A Disservice

I always complain. Hey, it’s not my fault. Growing up, my parents were big letter writers. If they felt they weren’t being treated fairly, they …

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Celeb Designer Hype

So Stella McCartney is doing a kids’ collection with the Gap ( Marketing sure makes strange bedfellows. Though I think her Adidas collection is relatable …

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