Infantium Victoria Launches Secondhand Marketplace

The luxury vegan label is expanding its customer base with pre-owned offerings at a more affordable price point.

German brand Infantium Victoria, known for its avant-garde vegan designs, is building on its commitment to sustainability with the launch of IV_Preloved, an online marketplace exclusively offering pre-owned styles by the label. Debuted this month, consumers can find the new resale section on the brand’s website, which shares goods that have been returned to Infantium Victoria’s headquarters. To incentivize its community, the brand offered a 20 percent off voucher to anyone who donated pre-owned styles.

While there’s a variety of affordable, high-quality pre-owned pieces for kids on the IV_Preloved platform, items from photo shoots and never worn before sample sales are also available at a significantly reduced prices. “So much love is put into creating those precious pieces, so we want to make sure Infantium Victoria would be worn by multiple kids,” says van den Heuvel, noting the price of some good are slashed by more than 75 percent. “It’s exciting to see all these beautiful pieces not go to waste and instead find a new home—a new opportunity to be loved,” she adds.

To ensure a good-as-new experience for the next owners, only products that pass the staff’s meticulous inspection are presented on the new platform. Each piece is washed with natural detergents and repaired when necessary. “The superior quality of our products is what allows this program to work so well,” van den Heuvel says. “Our designs have always been made to last—year after year, child after child.”


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